Saturday, September 10, 2011


Mr Margie and I have been celebrating with family in Belgium, he and I have been together for twenty five years now, and his parents celebrated 50 years of marriage at the end of August.

We also spent a week in Majorca, relaxing, soaking up the sunshine in preparation for the Autumn and Winter.

Some of you who know us personally will know that this has been a particularly difficult year for us, Mr Margie's business closed, we faced financial uncertainty, and debt. I took Leiny to Dublin airport and had a melt down in the bathroom, angry with our political leaders when I saw how many young well educated people were emigrating. We planned a new start, I stopped listening to the doom and gloom on the radio and in the media, in order to function in a positive way at work. A few weeks later our big plan to emigrate, failed despite committments and assurances, at the last possible moment.

Our ability to adapt and an openess and willingness to change and to think outside of the box, (along with family and friends support and love) helped us through the difficult times. However, it was all put into perspective when two family members passed away suddenly in February. Some family members were taking flights to the USA for a funeral while others were flying back home to Ireland for another. I stood in the graveyard looking at the faces of people I had not seen for years, some family, some neighbours, and thought that family, community and our interdependance as humans is more important than everything else. I surrounded myself with like minded crafters used Chez Margie saturdays and tuesdays and the blogs to keep afloat. I cherished every comment left on my posts.

Now we face into the autumn (fall) with more uncertainty, but with the knowledge that we have hope (I think this tree sums up our year, I saw it growing strong on the top of a 15 ft building in Majorca, and immediately I was drawn to it, a wonderful symbol of hope).
I have already had my first day back studying and while I will continue to craft and blog, however, Chez Margie will not be open for business until after all assignments have been handed in (I am taking this on while still working full time). In 2005 I completed my MSc in Equality Studies and am now working on a H Dip which will open the door to some teaching practice, with a view to a PhD in a couple of years.

Thank you all very much for visiting my blog.

Big hugs,



Vee said...

It seems as if the entire world is struggling with economic troubles. We've gone through it and may again. Hope is a fabulous word and I agree with you, turning off the news is a good thing. A PhD? Wow! Margie, you're just amazing. All the very best with your studies and with the weathering the storm.

Thanks, too, for your sweet comments today.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, Margie, I'm so sorry to hear of the difficulties. I admire your resilient spirit and wish you all the best. Hugs for you.

Anonymous said...

:( Difficult times for so many people... and so difficult to listen to the news these times...
Keep hoping and keep your good and positive energy
All my thought for you and your husband, Margie
Big hugs xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary :)

LuLu Kellogg said...

I just admire you so much Margie. I had no idea of the difficulties you and Mr. Margie are going through. Your love for each other will only make you stronger and I am sending all the positive thoughts and love I have for both of you.

Much Love,

Leiny said...

Aw Margie. What a lovely post. Unlike the news reports, at least the weather reports are trying to be more cheerful: "The rain will clear up, giving way to showers". Looking forward to seeing you soon. xoxo
Love Leiny

Nancy Lee said...

Margie, congratulations on celebrating 25 years together! We've just marked 27 years. It helps so much to have each other when the world seems to crumble around us. Hold on tightly -- it will make the parting clouds and brilliant sunshine so much better. Best of luck in your studies! There is an Alison Krauss song, The Reason for It All. Look it up on youtube if you get a chance. It says a lot beautifully.