Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fever

Look at who was sitting tight on the nest this morning. This hen is a light sussex breed and is seven years old. Every year when she has laid 12 or 13 eggs she sits tight in an effort to hatch them. Within 21 days the chicks hatch out. Over the years we have had some great hatchers including a hen who hatched out duck eggs.

Leiny (Marjolein) is still working away on her piece for her end of year exhibition, her work and that of her fellow students can be seen at Exit Persued By A Bear.



Sunday, March 22, 2009


The sunshine this morning was a welcome treat for us all. The eggs in the nesting box were waiting to be collected.

Mr. Margie got into the planting mood and he prepared the ground in the plastic tunnel for the potatoes.

All the while my eyes were drawn to the entrance gate where the wood anemone and the daffodils and narcissus were in full bloom.

I hope spring has arrived for you too and would love to hear what you like or maybe dislike about it. Have you any spring stories to share?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rest and Relaxation

Some of you may remember that Mr. Margie had a medical condition diagnosed last May. His condition required a procedure which necessitated a stay in hospital on March 4th. It was a total success.

Our daughter Mel and her Fiance, Chris (who live near London)are getting married in May in Rivesaltes, a little spot in the south of France near to the Spanish border. Mr. Margie and I travelled to Perpignan last week to meet Mel and Chris and help in the wedding planning and organisation. The snow capped Pyrenees formed a wonderful backdrop to blue skies and sunshine.

I took every opportunity to sample the local muscat and enjoy the simple local food. Mel and Chris arranged meetings with the florist, photographer, videographer, hairdresser, priest, restaurant owner and all the various accommodation the one hundred guests will need for the trip. Everyone was very welcoming, helpful and hospitable and they all asked the same question "Pourquoi Rivesaltes?" to which the answer was always the same.

We dined in Collioure on sunday afternoon spending two hours sitting on a terrace by the beach, soaking up the sun and feasting on lobster, prawns, oysters and crayfish.

We spent an evening at lake Raho watching the sun set over the mountains, eating fresh strawberries by the waters edge.

Leiny was meanwhile busy preparing for her end of year exhibition in April and we missed her very much. Mr. Margie was back home cycling today (recovery going very well) and Mel, Chris, and I were back at work.

I am looking forward to reading all the new posts on your blogs,thank you to everyone who left messages and wondered why I was absent. I am so pleased to have won the 400 post giveaway on Louise's The Whispering Poppies. I have never won anything before and am so proud to have won that special giveaway. As some of you may know The Whispering Poppies is one of my favourite blogs. I also have an award from Sharon at Manamoon to go check out.