Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet pea

The heavenly scent of, Lathyrus odoratus, sweet pea reminds me of when I was young and staying over at my Grandmother's house. It is currently winding its way up the side of the Arbor outside the back door, tiny delicate stems sneaking around the timber lattice.

Do you have any memories evoked by flowers?

Big hugs,


Monday, July 25, 2011

A week of birthdays

Isla was one last week, her birthday party was special, we were all together as a family.

We had multiple celebrations as next day it was Mr. Margie (Grandad)'s birthday, we drank non-alcohol pimms and cucumber water early in the day.

We had sandwiches, crisps, fruit skewers and vegetables for the dips, the party accessories were from Party Pieces.

The tables were set up in the garden and the sun stayed shining, the atmosphere was relaxed.

We also celebrated my birthday too, eating, chatting, and catching up.

Aunty Lein and Mammy Mel made the cake, muffins and cupcakes, these strawberry and cream muffins were the favourite.

Big hugs,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Carton House Dining Room

At Domonie and Ciaran's wedding reception we had the pleasure of dining in Carton House, this dining room was formerly an organ room,

commissioned by Gerald Fitzgerald, the Duke of Leinster and extensive work was carried out on the house by the architect Richard Morris.

Big hugs,


Friday, July 8, 2011


A few weeks ago Leiny had her Interim exhibition at Uni. She worked very hard for the event, exhibiting a body of work in progress based on our family herstory. Her exhibit provided an oasis of clean lines, neutral colours, and minimalism, where print, craft, pattern and sound pieces complimented her theme.

Isla came along to her first exhibiton and delighted us all by recognising Aunty Lein's work.

Leiny was on hand at the opening to meet the guests and discuss her concepts and ideas. She looked stunning in a green silk (Monsoon Aubrey) dress.

Big hugs,


Monday, July 4, 2011

Classic and Vintage Car Show

On sunday morning Rommeij and I loaded up Morris (Maurice) for a day out at the Classic and Vintage Car show in Terenure (Dublin),complete with chairs, cushions and picnic basket.

The sun was shining and our spirits were high, the cushions, rugs and one of the Tilde dolls looked very sweet on the back seat.
After overheating about 100 meters from the entrance, where we were swiftly assisted by my uncle, who came to our assistance by chance, we almost made it to the Morris Minor Club parking area. A helping hand from Denis (Chairperson of the Club) and from some other club members, saw that we soon parked Morris up near to his older cousin Morris Oxford (photo above). A huge big Thank You to Seamus, Denis and crew who put Morris back on the road.

I was delighted to discover this bus (exactly like the one I travelled to school in each day). There was so much to see.

These two Mercedes showed off their finery to much appreciation, rows and rows of cars, vans, trucks, clubs and enthuaists.

Rommeij was in celebratory mood as her collection is selling well at Om Diva in Druiry Street, Dublin. Click on her name to see her collection and on the shop name to see more photos.

She loved this VW van, reminding her of her family travels in Europe when she was younger.

The most exciting part of the day was meeting Julie M, fellow blogger over at Oh Well.. who was there with her beautiful Mini's, her family and other Mini Club members, who all made me feel so welcome. We had arranged to rendevous on line. It was so wonderful to meet Julie in person, because we have know each other in cyperspace it was so natural and easy to meet and chat. We left each other with hugs and a promise to meet again over the summer.

Morris took us home safe and sound, we were tired but contented after all the events.

Big hugs,