Sunday, September 28, 2008

Margie's Vintage Knits

I knit these two ladies a number of years ago, the children played with them for years and when the girls got bigger they were put in to storage, imagine my surprise when I discovered them in the attic last weekend. They survived the many years of storage and remained intact, with the exception of one losing a sock, and the other losing a scarf. They have the funniest expressions and remind us of people we know.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Then more baking

Leiny made yeast dough for bread and waited for it to rise

Then she made more for a huge pizza

Then she made more again for cinnamon buns

Baking in the Autumn sunshine

It was such a great Autumn day. Lein and I had our breakfast in the sun and were surrounded by the most amazing spider webs.

I decided to make some chutney from all the apples we have in the garden, I peeled and cored them.

Added all the other ingredients and simmered them until they reduced.

Then I potted them up ready for the store cupboard to enjoy with bread and cheese during the winter

Meanwhile Leiny baked some yeast bread, using strong flour and alot of kneading.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Leiny at the Electric Picnic

Leiny went to work with Rommeij at the Electric Picnic. The sun shone and the RoDaLi products were in popular demand. I went to all the fringe events, did not see any acts on the big stage but enjoyed every minute.

Fresh flower wreath for Leiny's hair each day, I got up at seven each morning to pick the flowers from the garden, I chose scented woodbine, anenome and crocosmia, a national newspaper photographer took her photo with Rommeij for the sunday paper. We stitched up the dress in twenty minutes and laced her boots with some satin ribbons.

The shop had a rest area and a play area and Lein did face painting. Fun....and Family time.

RoDaLi's clothes in many colours and with a design for each of the girls in our family, Rainbow is Leiny's, Strawberry is mels and Daisy is for Daisy, Rommeij is the Apple, Muzzy is the Duck....etc...there are ten girls in the family. Rommeij designed them.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Sunshine

Finally the garden can provide us with this years harvest. The sun in the last few days helped to ripen the apples. We have a number of varieties including James Grieve, Golden delicious and some cooking apples. Lein has been baking apple pies, I have roasted, stewed and just eaten them as they are.

The cherry tomatoes are finally getting red, I was begining to think it would be all Fried Green Tomatoes this year.

The vine in the green house has been providing us with sweet green grapes for breakfast in the last few weeks and still more to come