Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chickens and Jugs

Spring is about, yes spring, it may not feel like it from the weather we have had lately, but today I noticed bunches of snowdrops flowering by the gate, and literally hundreds of bulbs peeking up from the ground. The hens (as seen on the header photo) have been all too aware that since the 21st December there has been extra daylight each day. So in tune with nature they have been laying since christmas eve. Nice big brown eggs with bright orange yokes. The cock plays his part too. I am so proud of their achievements.

Our neighbours have a peacock and I found a feather near their gate on a recent walk.

I love jugs, I have been collecting them for years, there is something really nice about filling them up with milk, water, juice, wine, and placing them on the table during meal times. They have pride of place on one of the dressers in the kitchen.

Blue is my favourite colour and I seem to gravitate towards blue ceramics. It is the shape too that just gets me.
The collection looks good together but can also be used to put bunches of flowers in and they look so pretty around the house.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank You and My Craft Space

I am well on the road to recovery, the cough is almost gone and I went back to work. I am so glad it is over. My energy levels were so low. I did not even turn on my laptop for two weeks. Thank you all very much for the well wishes. It means so much to know that you were all thinking of me.
Below is a thank you using a photo of the path to the vegetable garden taken last August. I love the way the willow I use for basket making grows across the path. The fig tree is there on the right with a two tone fuchsia. I am so looking forward to spring this year.
A very special Thank you to Elly at My Everyday Things who awarded me with The Spreader of Love Award. If you have a minute visit her blog as her projects are inspiring and enchanting.

I have managed to get the energy to do some spring cleaning and set up my work space for 2009. All the craft supplies are labelled in storage boxes. The reference books are on the shelves and the tool boxes tidy and ready for new projects.

The sewing machine has been repaired and takes centre stage, with a table especially for it, finally a space where I can start projects and not have to tidy them away.
All I need now is some inspiration. So I will go and visit all your blogs as I have missed them so much.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Bag and Flu

I am the proud owner of another Cath Kidston bag, a shoulder bag, it was a Chistmas gift from Mr. Margie.

It has an inside zip pocket and two pockets at the front. It has not had an outing yet.

The flu arrived in Chez Margie (Mr Margie and I are in its grips), full effects include a headache, sore throat, leaking nose, aches and pains in legs and arms and exhaustion. A trip to the doctor yesterday confirmed that the best medicine comes in the form of lots of fluids, rest and paracetamol. Leiny has taken on the role of Nurse and has been making tea, keeping water and tissues at the ready, and humouring our every whim.