Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank You and My Craft Space

I am well on the road to recovery, the cough is almost gone and I went back to work. I am so glad it is over. My energy levels were so low. I did not even turn on my laptop for two weeks. Thank you all very much for the well wishes. It means so much to know that you were all thinking of me.
Below is a thank you using a photo of the path to the vegetable garden taken last August. I love the way the willow I use for basket making grows across the path. The fig tree is there on the right with a two tone fuchsia. I am so looking forward to spring this year.
A very special Thank you to Elly at My Everyday Things who awarded me with The Spreader of Love Award. If you have a minute visit her blog as her projects are inspiring and enchanting.

I have managed to get the energy to do some spring cleaning and set up my work space for 2009. All the craft supplies are labelled in storage boxes. The reference books are on the shelves and the tool boxes tidy and ready for new projects.

The sewing machine has been repaired and takes centre stage, with a table especially for it, finally a space where I can start projects and not have to tidy them away.
All I need now is some inspiration. So I will go and visit all your blogs as I have missed them so much.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Welcome back to blogging. I know that it must've been a rough haul if you didn't turn on the laptop for two weeks!

Your craft space looks have so much to work with! May you find just the inspiration that you need this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your craft space is wonderful ! and so tidy ! I could not show yet a photo of my space > much to disorganized :) Ha ha ha :) We are still in winter ;) I'm waiting spring, the sun, a new energy ;) and i have a very big table :)
Congratulations on your Award :)
Have a lovely inspiring weekend :)

Lace hearts said...

Thank you so much for popping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I'm sorry to hear you've been so ill. Poor you. Your craft area looks so neat! I wouldn't dare to post a picture of mine. Well, not unless I'd had several days to sort it out!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Margie!So happy to hear from you again and to know that you're now recovered!
You made a wonderful work with your room! I'm a disaster! Thank you for your kind words!
Congratulations on your Award!
Have a nice Sunday and take care!

Deborah said...

Wow! YOU'VE inspired ME to get my stash under control. You have a wonderful space! Glad you're better. Welcome back!

Veronica Tingvall said...

Im so glad you are feeling better Your craft space looks great. I really wish I had a space like that. We are looking for a bigger apartment but we cant find anything we like.

Maybe I can set somthing up today. if I move stuff around maybe a hidden space will appear:-)

I´m waiting for spring as well. I miss working in the garden (It´s tiny, but its there:-)

Lots of love/Veronica

KarenHarveyCox said...

So glad that you are feeling better. That energy thing after recovering is always difficult. I can't believe you had the energy to clean your craft space. Something I have to do, but seeing all this snow makes me want to just read books and sip tea. Your space looks amazing. I wish I lived closer, I would love to create something there. Karen

vicki archer said...

Sorry you have been so unwell but I am very glad to hear that you are back at the computer and if the photographs are any indication - you are really ready, steady and go for work. Thank you as always Margie for your lovely comments on French Essence, xv.

Annie Wicking said...

Well done for your award and be back in the land of the bloggers.

Your work space looks wonderful.

Best wishes always ((Hugs))


Leiny said...

Hi Mammy Margie,

Check out my new post to get a sneak preview of your belated Christmas present. I promise you'll have it on Friday!
I had fun yesterday in the studio! Hope next week will be the same.
Love you lots,
Love Leiny

Fyra årstider ♥ My Lovely Four Seasons said...

Good luck with your project.
Love Lotta

Lace hearts said...

Thanks for stopping by and answering my question about your duvet cover! I managed to track down a couple of weeks back (I really do love it!) and found out it was from M & Co., and somebody has got one for me in their sale. I'm so thrilled. And all because I spotted it on your blog! Apparently I got the last one - though I'd wanted a single as well, but I'm so pleased to have got just one.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better Margie, we missed you!♥

Loved taking a peek into your studios, it's just wonderful! I also loved your walkway and the beautiful flowers - it is hard to imagine Spring cleaning with Winter in full swing here but I'm happy you have such beautiful weather to enjoy.♥

Coastal Sisters said...

Dearest Margie:

I had wondered where you were. I am sorry to hear you have been sick and I hope you are much better. Thank you for the sweet comments on my studio. It is my favorite place to be. Yours looks so neat and clean! I need to label my things too but I just can't find the time!

So glad you popped by my sweet friend and you take care of yourself!


The Whispering Poppies said...

What a fabulous craft space, Margie! I am so happy you are blogging again! Congratulations on your well-deserved award!

Have a wonderful Monday!

hugs xo

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

so glad you are feeling better Margie and thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes. Your space looks divine! xo Lynn

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Welcone back I missed you. Hope you feel better now. Your craftroom looks great and so neat.
Great working space.

Femin Susan said...

goodness you got rid of that nasty cough and congratulations on your new award.

Elly said...

Glad you're feeling a little bit better! Your craftspace is so neat and tidy! I'm crafing in the kitchen and livingroom, so I've to tidy up every time we're gonna eat or having visitors. I want such a nice craftspace too!!!!

Les Cotrions said...

I've just left something for you on my blog!
Have a nice day!

Sabina said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better Margie!!

Your craft space is enviable to be sure!! I love a space so organized!!

Take care.


Deborah said...

I took another look at your craft room and now I'm inspired to work on mine today. Thanks!