Sunday, January 31, 2010

La Fheile Bhride and Thank You

We are again preparing for our St. Brigid's Day celebrations. The Celtic Saint who lived in our area. She is the symbol of Woman in many religions. In Kildare there are many events taking place to celebrate her life.

Solas Bhride, an order of Brigidine nuns, founded by St. Brigid (who are unusual as they are Catholic and also celebrate the Goddess) hold workshops and events all through the year. A yearly event for us locals is a visit to the holy well a walk around the Cathedral, a visit to the mighty oak, and home for tea and cake. The reed cross will be made tomorrow for pride of place in the home for the year ahead.

Happy La Fheile Bhride (Happy Saint Brigid's Day) everyone.

Elly at My Everyday Things sent me a wonderful Christmas package with beautiful items, an angel a star, a heart, a sachet of Christmas scents (everything so thoughtfully chosen, perfect gifts) and a drawing by her daughter(very special as there were some greetings written in Dutch), and a very sweet card with red and white (so you Elly) images on the front. They arrived all beautifully packaged. ( I was so excited I opened them before taking a photo). Thank you both for your thoughts and kindness it really means a lot to me.

This week another pretty package arrived this time from Marjolijn at Something White. I just about managed to contain myself and take a photo before I opened it up.

Lindt chocolates in a pretty pink tin, a magazine (I am going to look at now with a cup of Earl grey tea), a linen bag, serviettes, soap, body wash and L'occitane products and a beautiful card all tied with care and attention. Thank you my dear friend, I am delighted with your gifts and your kindness.

Marjolijn and Elly you are both very inspiring and creative, I am humbled by your generosity.

Big hugs,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nollaig na Mna and Driekoningen

In Ireland, on 6th January, we celebrate Nollaig na Mna. It is the gaelic for Women's Christmas, a day that traditionally the men in the house do the housework and the cooking, as a "Thank You" for the work carried out by the women of the house in the run up to and including Christmas. As a feminist I think that it is really important for men and women to share the burden of housework and housekeeping all the year round, but I do know that in some cases the woman is the primary carer and will spend more time at home, and I do think that it is really important to acknowledge this work today.

In Belgium and Holland it is DrieKoningen, the day when the Three Kings arrived to Bethlehem having followed the star.

So to all my blog friends,

Happy Women's Christmas

Nollaig na Mna dhuit

Big hugs,