Friday, November 4, 2011

November blue and green

Blue is my favourite colour, I love cornflower blue and this wreath with cornflowers and daisies (marguerites) hangs over the mantle piece in the living room.

Mr. Margie has been busy in the garden and the forest in the last few weeks, and with the rainfall we have been having he never goes out without his wax hat.

The cape cod style bathroom at Chez Margie, sports some Margie's Crafts custom made (recycled fabric) cushion covers. I just love white lace ribbon.

The living room door is festooned by a curtain with lace edging and the blue chair is one of a pair ( a gift from Mr. Margie in the last few years). I love how candle light sets the ambiance in the evenings.

What's your favourite colour this month?

Big hugs,