Thursday, April 17, 2014

#5 chemotherapy, crafting and more Easter fun

I began the #5 21 day chemotherapy cycle yesterday. A long day in the hospital necessitated ensuring I brought my food and some crochet with me. My hair has become really curly in the last week and it has also started to fall out again. I was exhausted after it all, but could not sleep due to the anti sickness meds. 

I was glad to be awake as Mr Margie was hosting a dinner for our nephew Cole and a dear friend Des, whose wife Sandra is overseas at the moment. 

The Easter table was v pretty and the little car name tags a nice touch. 

There was even a spot of Easter crafting done. 

It was a laughter filled evening and a culinary success, 

and the gift bags in tune with the theme of the night. 

Despite a four hour sleep overnight I was delighted to welcome another dear musician friend Mark for lunch. Both he and Cole entertained me for the afternoon. 

My mum and dad dropped by too as did another dear friend Mirielle. She brought some lovely flowers from her garden. 

It was a busy day and I am hoping for a better sleep tonight. I read a quote today and it said laughter and a good nights sleep can cure any ails, and I had plenty of laughter today. 

Happy Easter everyone ūüź£

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter prep, Morris minor, knitting, treatment, and farewells

Its that time of year again when feathers, eggs, rabbits and chocolate become a focus.

Lein got the boxes from the attic and hung the willow branch over the kitchen table, as well as decorating it before she went back to London.

Mr Margie cut the lawn too, and the wallflowers, daffs and tulips are in full bloom, I even see some buds on the bluebells. 

The bistro is open and I found the snake head fritillaries in two spots this year. 

Lein has a car now also, she spoke to Mr Margie about wanting to buy a classic car, and one literally jumped out at me last weekend from my uncles hay barn. My cousin was selling his 1966 Morris Minor Two door Salon. Mr Margie took it for a test drive and the deal was struck, Lein is now the proud owner of a beautiful bottle green classic car. Many years of happy motoring Lein. 

I started a new knitting project, a shrug, I am enjoying it, despite the chemo brain getting confused now and then.
I was at the hospital this morning for blood tests, the results of which show my white cells are too low to continue with my treatment at the moment. I am going to have the 5 FU pump removed tomorrow and I will attend hospital again next Tuesday for blood tests again. I was disappointed at first as it delays my finish date.  I do understand how important it is to be healthy and how dangerous a zero immunity is too. I am looking forward to showers and wearing dresses for the next week and eating well to put on a kilo  or two will also be a bonus. 

A dear family friend passed away on Sunday.  Charlie was my Dad's friend, he was 84 years old, his community spirit shone all his life. He was the post master at Ballitore post office for years. He was very involved in the local parish. He ran the bingo at the local hall for many years. As a teenager I was only allowed to attend the disco because he was running it. He always drove me home, after we swept up and cleared out the shop. He was one of the athletic club coaches with my Dad. Charlie trained my sister in race walking, and she was all Ireland champion when she was 15 years old. Both Charlie and my Dad raised funds for the irish guide dogs for the blind for over 25 years, they trained, as did I, as walk leaders in the 90's and took groups up the Wicklow mountains and on trips to Mayo and Kerry.  Charlie in later life set up a walking group and walked with "Charlie's Angels" in the local area.  I was sad to say goodbye to him at te removal this evening but happy to celebrate his life, it was lovely to see the guard of honour walking him from crookstown cross to the church. 

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mother's Day, Crafting, and Chemo

Lein came back to Ireland for the weekend of Mother's Day.


Thus began a weekend of cooking, baking, and crafting. I got beautiful cards and gifts for Mother's Day from Mel, Chris, and girls, Rommeij and Rikki, and from Lein, along with a gorgeous drawing of me from Isla, I love how she gave me a pink Mohawk. 

Lein and I got the sewing machines out and made some Tilde chickens and ducks.


My chemo brain ensured that we had plenty of laughs over my inability to read a pattern properly.

I even managed to reverse the pattern and plain fabrics without even noticing! 

I got the pump changed today,  #4 day 15, at the hospital. My blood pressure was a little low, and all the bloods came back within the limits. I am happy to say I got the results of the CT scan I had on Monday and all good there also. 

Big hugs,
Margie ❤️