Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mother's Day, Crafting, and Chemo

Lein came back to Ireland for the weekend of Mother's Day.


Thus began a weekend of cooking, baking, and crafting. I got beautiful cards and gifts for Mother's Day from Mel, Chris, and girls, Rommeij and Rikki, and from Lein, along with a gorgeous drawing of me from Isla, I love how she gave me a pink Mohawk. 

Lein and I got the sewing machines out and made some Tilde chickens and ducks.


My chemo brain ensured that we had plenty of laughs over my inability to read a pattern properly.

I even managed to reverse the pattern and plain fabrics without even noticing! 

I got the pump changed today,  #4 day 15, at the hospital. My blood pressure was a little low, and all the bloods came back within the limits. I am happy to say I got the results of the CT scan I had on Monday and all good there also. 

Big hugs,
Margie ❤️


my4lilgirls said...

So good to know treatments are going well & results are coming back good.
Wishing you well Margie
Lots of love Karen x

Deborah said...

Good to hear you are having fun crafting! How wonderful Leiny was home for a visit, too.

Sending love and hugs to you. X


Mary Jo Delaney said...

Love reading your blog xx thinking of you often x MJ and kids x

Mary p said...

so happy all going well \

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Little Isla's drawing must have made you smile so much dear Margie!...Such a lovely weekend you must have had with Lein too...your makes are just gorgeous!
Very happy to read that your good progress is continuing,
Love and hugs for a good weekend,
Susan x