Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas time

I went to the hospital yesterday for blood tests and to have the chemo pump of 5FU changed.  The whole extended family joined me, and both Isla and Esmé were the centre of attention.

My bloods came back and the neutrophines were 1.9, highest yet at this stage of the cycle. I will be finishing up this cycle on New Years Eve. 

Last night I had a beautiful Christmas Eve supper with family and some close friends and we sang Carol songs in between our courses, ( mostly vegan dishes prepared by Lein) thank you v much Lein, for cooking great food on Christmas Eve and a feast of gorgeous goodness on Christmas Day. 

It was an early rise this morning to see what Santa had left for us.

I have been thoroughly spoiled this year, thank you Marc, Lein, Duane, Mel, Chris, Isla, Esmé, Rommeij, Rikki and Cole for spending time together at Chez Margie and for so many beautiful gifts including a gorgeous silk scarf by Joules, 

spiced Apple Yankee Candle, ceramic candle holders, I gift vouchers for my favourite shops, a NZ spinning wheel and Dubarry boots.  

I wish you a peaceful and joy filled holiday season. 
big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️

Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

My first week of cycle three was one of extremes, I had a good beginning to the cycle and then had a couple of days when I was exhausted. My mum has been so supportive, driving me to hospital and helping me out with baking and shopping. We made Vegan Christmas puddings and Vegan Christmas cakes in the last few weeks. 

I am so happy to have all my family together here for the next two weeks. We will be a cosy 12 people for Christmas Day dinner. I finally got to meet my second granddaughter Esmé. 

I have an appointment scheduled in Christmas Eve at the hospital to have blood tests and my chemotherapy pump changed, and the following visit will be on New Years Eve when I will have the pump removed. Surgery is scheduled for the end of January.  My CT scan results were good, showing no evidence of spreading. 

After four attempts to make New Years cards, I managed to complete 12, now to get them in the post!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year 2014.

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Third Chemotherapy cycle and crafting

I had good energy levels during the last week and I did some knitting and crochet. I started a Scandinavian pattern love heart hat for myself. 

I also made two crochet stockings one for Isla and one for her baby sister Esmé. Mr Margie got me these pretty two toned rose buds. 

I was back in hospital yesterday for the first day of my third cycle of chemotherapy. The week off the pump really build up my reserves, I gained weight, all my neutrophines returned to normal and I was in great form during the treatment, all the love and support I got from family and friends helped me through and I am so thankful to each and every one of them.
I walked for twenty minutes when I got home as I had numb bum for sitting so long during the treatment. I did not sleep well due to the anti sickness meds and steroids but the upside is that I was not sick. I walked again today in the afternoon it was great to be outside on such a mild day. 

Big hugs, 
Margie ❤️

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crafting and Treatment update

My dear friend Linda called by for a visit on Monday, it has been eight years since we last met and it could just have been yeaterday, it was so good to see her, have a catch up and listen to her words of wisdom. I had not realised how much I missed her until she was standing in front of me. 
I have been working on a Christmas craft for a swap and finally got it finished last night ready for posting off today. 
I was back at hospital yesterday for blood tests prior to starting a Chemotherapy Cycle 3 pre op. I was home when I got the call from the oncology nurse to say my neutrophines were zero and my chemotherapy would be stopped until they rise. As my risk of infection is very high now, I am not having visitors.  I was looking forward to finishing the pre op chemo in time for Christmas, and was disappointed.  Having slept on the news and chatted over private message with my friend in Singapore I was in better form today, looking for the positives.  I will be able to wear long sleeved dresses while I am building back up my neutrophines and showering will be much easier now too. I am so looking forward to having my family all together for Christmas. 
I was back at the hospital today to have the pump removed and meet with my oncologist. I have another blood test next Tuesday. I
 plan to rest, eat well, take my supplements, craft and watch Christmas movies until then.

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️