Sunday, June 14, 2015

Health update and spring adventures

I started cycle five of Ramucarumab and Paclitaxol last week. I have three Tuesday's of treatment each cycle with one tuesday off before the next cycle starts. I try to travel each time I have the free tuesday. 

In March Mr Margie and I went to Mullaghmore in Sligo for two nights. 

We stayed right on the sea, visited WB Yeats grave, and had a look around the shops in Sligo town.

Then after the next cycle I went to London to stay with Leiny. Mr Margie, Leiny, and our friend James, replaced the head gasket on Leiny's Morris Minor and got it back in perfect working order again.

Leiny planted up a mini garden on the gantry. She also gave Maria and I a master class in bread making. After which we took our first visit to the betting shop to back horses in the Grand National. Duane's chosen horse came in second and he won all of seven pounds. 

I went back to visit Leiny after the next treatment cycle and travelled alone for the first time since my diagnosis. I was tired but I was so proud of myself. James drove me from the airport to Lein and Duane's, pointing out all the London hotspots, along the way.  

Leiny treated me to a Vegan Afternoon tea in a beautiful hotel central London. On another day we took the train out to Crystal Palace to visit my niece Rommeij.  We had a very tasty Vietnamese lunch together.  I was spoiled for the five days. Mr Margie joined me for the last two nights. The day before we left we met James and Maria at Syon House for lunch and some retail therapy at the garden centre.

Last Monday Mr Margie and I got back from visiting Mel and family in New Hampshire, USA. 

We had eleven nights with our daughter, son in law and grandchildren and enjoyed every minute of it. 

We had fun by the pool, on the swing, 

making towers with blocks, out at the shops,

out to dinner, and out to lunch, or at their beautiful home, 

from when we woke up until we went to bed. 

Chris's mum and brother visited as did my cousin and his wife and children. It was so lovely to see the cousins playing so well together. 

I have contrinued to work part time since February, there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to do the things I want to and as the treatment continues my energy levels are falling. My oncologist is keeping me on the chemo for one more cycle, if I am able for it, then I will have a break from it but will continue on the antibody.  

Summer has finally arrived at Chez Margie and the Summer House Mr Margie started last summer is nearing completion. 

I plan to sit and craft in it as much as possible, and spend the evenings soaking up the last of the day light, chatting and spending time with family and friends. 
Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️