Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seasons Greetings

It was Christmas Eve before Chez Margie was ready for the holiday season. Mr. Margie finished the book shelves and Leiny and I cleaned and tidied the whole house. Duane took the Christmas decorations down from the attic.

As a result of being so busy in work, I only made 15 handmade cards this year. I chose the tartan I used for the twins and had silver as a secondary theme.

Leiny looked so festive in her red billabong shirt, and was delighted to have the whole family together for the holidays. She has been knitting gloves as gifts.

She baked gingerbread cookies and I had the warm mulled apple ready when Mel and Chris arrived from their long drive and ferry trip.

Mel and Chris had a wonderful gift for us all. They are due a baby in July next year.

Happy Christmas everyone,

Big Hugs,


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rain and Floods

For the last few weeks it has not stopped raining. The roads I usually drive to work were flooded and had to be closed, I had to drive the long way around. My Landy has a leak above the door, so I needed a supply of towels to catch the flow of water.

I was one of the lucky ones, as in town many homes were flooded, and people lost everything they had. The Red Cross and the Vincent De Paul have been asking for blankets, towels, sheets etc.. as well as donations. With Christmas coming closer it will be a difficult time for many.

I have not been to visit many blogs recently but hopefully over the holiday season I will have more time. I have just updated my Christmastime Magic blog also.

Big hugs,


The Vintage Look in Henley

Sorry I have not been visiting all your wonderful blogs. I am visiting Mel and Chris in Henley at the moment, on a welcome pre-Christmas break.

The Vintage Look, is a tiny little shop tucked away in the back of the Waitrose car park.

There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas and wonderful vintage finds.

Jugs, teapots, baskets, soapdishes, heart garlands, ribbons, lavender bags, notice boards, and tiny little mannequins for hanging jewellery on, a haven of trinkets and vintage styles. I loved shopping.

Check out Karin's beautiful give away at Seasons of my Home.

The Christmas preparations continue on my Christmas Time Magic blog, click here to visit.
Big hugs,


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Presenting Miss Penelope Adelaide and Miss Beatrice Adelaide, otherwise known as the Lady Adelaide Twins. They will be Carol singing next weekend at Castlefarm, during our fund raising efforts for one of our favourite charities. I made them this weekend using the Tilde patterns.

For information about the hearts featured here, visit Christmas Time Magic, my Christmas blog.

Big Hugs,


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doll making

I was itching to try out some of the new patterns I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show recently. I purchase two books, one is "Tilde's Juleideer" in norwegian and the other in english, is "Sew Pretty Christmas Home Style" by the same Author, Tone Finnager. I have entered Tilde's World. I am now offically an addict of this wonderful craftswoman's work. I have discovered there are lots of blogs dedicated to her work in numerous languages and many on line suppliers (I have not found any in Ireland as yet).

I started working on my first dolls, but as I had no Tilde fabric or Christmas fabric, I used Cath Kidston fabric and some gingham. I spent a pleasant afternoon cutting (with Leiny's help) and sewing my doll's body, arms, bendable knees and her long johns/pantaloons.

I filled the parts and set about assembling them. Some hand stitching is required.

The body began to take shape, but not before I measured and remeasured, concluding that this doll was going to be long...

Here she is complete with her wool hair and her heart on her sleeve. I have not given her a name as yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Dont forget to drop by Christmas Time Magic too.

Big Hugs,


Thursday, November 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I decided to give the bathroom a little treat, it is in need of a repainting, as it is five years since I did anything there, but I neither had the time or the energy. So instead I made a little heart for the door handle from an old denim shirt
I made two new cushions for the wicker chair one from some pretty blue check material, and the other from the old denim shirt leaving the pockets intact on the front.
I gave the airing cupboard a clean up too and it all looks bright and welcoming again for a little while longer.

You are welcome to drop by my Christmas Time Magic blog to see how my Christmas preparations are coming along.

Big Hugs,


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Lady Purple, my niece, pictured above as Luna Lovegood (with Mr.Margie as he who can not be named, and yes he did shave his head) recently turned 21 years old and hosted a birthday party with her brother

Cole, my nephew, from Penman and Paperboy (the taller one, Sirius Black) who was 20 a few days later. The party was a Harry Potter theme, (Sam with Cole was Remus Lupin).

The party took place at their family home (a perfect setting for such a theme), a peek in the bathroom,

A stroll down the hall,

The kitchen with wonderful black stove heating the house

skull shaped shelf holders above the fireplace, all adding to the mystery and magic.

My sister Neady was Professor Trelawney and she won first prize for her costume (well deserved),

I think Cole looked very Johnny Depp (pictured with his brother Fionn).

Leiny, my daughter, was Hermione Granger (left), Fay was a student, with Duane (Leiny's boyfriend) as Cedric Diggery (but more like Harry Potter).

Mel, my daughter, was a surprise visitor as Fleur Delacour (in blue) and her friend Sandy as Rita Skeeter.

Happy Halloween everyone and do drop by my new blog Christmas Time Magic (Thanks to Leiny for helping me set it up).



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Giveaway Winners

The winners of the Sharing the Love Autumn Giveaways are:

Elly at My Everyday Things
Sari at Lilla Provence

Congratulations to you both.

Thank you to everyone who participated, left a comment and became a follower, and to those who posted about the giveaway on their blogs. I am still borrowing computers, so Thank you to everyone for your patience.

Lotta is hosting a very generous giveaway to celebrate 300 ,000 visitors to her blog Fyra Arstider - mitt liv pa landet

Big Hugs,


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn Giveaway- NOW CLOSED!

Margie's Autumn "Sharing the Love Double Giveaway" will have two winners, the closing date is Saturday 24th of October. The first gift bag contains this Cath Kidston blue polka dot book bag, key ring and two pretty tea towels, one red polka dot and the other a Christmas ski scene.

The second gift bag contains a Cath Kidston cup tea towel and oven glove in these pretty stripes. To enter just leave a comment on this post and let me know which of the gift bags you would prefer. Each bag will also contain a Margie's Crafts handmade item.

The Giveaway is open to all bloggers anywhere in the world, and you are welcome to add a link to the Giveaway on your blogs too, (this enters your name another time), just let me know you have done that. If you become a follower of Margie's Crafts you get another chance to have your name in the hat and if you are already a follower I will add you in automatically.

Good luck everyone,

Big Hugs,


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ploughing, Morris rally and Henley

While at the National Ploughing Championships recently I spent some time watching the different competitions, the participants are really craftsmen and women. Over 100,000 people visited over the three days and the World Championships will take place on the same site next year.

I went along to have a look at some manual shearing, I love wool and crafting with it, and I wondered what the sheep made of it all.

Last Sunday, the Irish Morris Minor Owners Club (IMMOC) went out for a treasure hunt and we all ended up at the "Annual Castledermot Thrashing and Vintage Show". 100s of classic and vintage cars and tractors lined the field and steam engines fired up in the background sending a billow of coal smoke across the sky.

I bought this old Spartan suitcase at the Henley Car boot sale. I had to fit it inside my own case to take it home on the plane. There are slatted fasteners on front and back that allows the case to expand. I wonder who owned it and where it has travelled.

I knit this little scarf while in Henley and crochet the flowers for the edges, using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran wool.

This was the Dubarry stand at the Henley show (their boots are guaranteed for life).

Next post I will be having a giveaway,

Happy Crafting,



Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn is here

I spent a long weekend in Henley On Thames where I attended the County Show and drank Pimms in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we attended the annual charity car boot sale. There was so much on offer, and by late afternoon the stall holders were selling boxes of items for £1 or in some cases 50p in an attempt not to have to take anything home. I bought knitting needles, fabric, a cake stand, an old suitcase, a blue gingham table cloth, and I found this Style pattern for 50p.

This is an update of my granny squares. Julie at Oh Well suggested that I use the black colour (she also suggested hot pink for fun, and I may try that yet) and I do think it works very well.

This shop, Cure Gourmande, is in Carcassonne, it specialises in biscuits (the type that melt in your mouth), chocolate covered nuts that look like olives and dragees. I love all the products, the presentation on the shelves and the way the staff package the purchases.

I still have no laptop or computer and it looks like I will not have another until after Christmas. I will try to visit as many of you as I can when I can.

Next week our neighbours are hosting the National Ploughing Championship, an International series of events, with thousands of people attending. There are hundreds of exhibitors with crafts, music, demonstrations, competitions over three days. I hope the weather stays dry.

I hope you are enjoying Autumn, the harvest and its colours.

Big hugs


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Computers, Knitting and Long Breakfasts.

I have had no laptop for the last two weeks. I took it to the repair shop and they told me it will cost the price of a new one to repair as the mother board is broken. Leiny has kindly given me the use of hers when she is home at the weekends. Sorry if I have not been to visit your blog yet , I will visit soon.

The cupboard is full of unfinished knitting projects, mostly baby gifts. I try to have at least an hour each evening to do some crafting. This really translates as slow progress.

Leiny is knitting a baby sweater for a certain little boy, you can sneak a peek at him sleeping over at Boladeberlin, he is so cute, and his Mammy loves sheep.

Mr.Margie knew that I had been to our local Cath Kidston store and had been firm with myself about buying baby gifts and not diverting to my weakness, shoes, particularly Swedish clogs (I was wearing a pair the first time we met in Cannes, in the eighties). He came home last Sunday with them in my size, having gone to the store especially for them. I have been wearing them since.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I love when it spills over near to lunchtime. The bowl is one from a set Mr. Margie's grandmother gave us, I like to use them sometimes in memory of her.

This project is for a little girl born in England at the beginning of July, it is knitted in one piece using just garter stitch.

I sewed on the little wooden heart buttons and added a little hat to complete the package. I am considering knitting an adult size in this (as I would definitely wear it).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,



Sunday, August 30, 2009


Felka last Christmas opening his gifts from Santa

Felka and Kitten girl share a moment after Christmas dinner

Kitten Girl looking meerkat like

Leiny has always been a cat lover

Felka as we will always remember him, our lovely cat died last week, aged 12 years and 7 months, we will miss him very much.