Thursday, November 5, 2009


A few weeks ago I decided to give the bathroom a little treat, it is in need of a repainting, as it is five years since I did anything there, but I neither had the time or the energy. So instead I made a little heart for the door handle from an old denim shirt
I made two new cushions for the wicker chair one from some pretty blue check material, and the other from the old denim shirt leaving the pockets intact on the front.
I gave the airing cupboard a clean up too and it all looks bright and welcoming again for a little while longer.

You are welcome to drop by my Christmas Time Magic blog to see how my Christmas preparations are coming along.

Big Hugs,



Deborah said...

That's an inspiration! I love using recycled fabrics. Thank you for the nice comments about my photos. It's difficult to take a "bad" photo in Ireland!

Marie-Ange said...

Très belle inspiration !
Merci pour ton gentil commentaire qui me permet de découvrir ton joli blog ...
Belle soirée.

Vicki Lane said...

Those little touches provide such a pleasant lift -- thanks for the ideas!

Les Cotrions said...

Ciao Margie! What a great work you made!!! Your bathroom is faboulous and very cozy! Great idea using denim for your pillow and heart...they're wonderful!!! I've just visited your new blog...I'll surely take inspiration from your Christams ideas! You're very creative and full of projects my friend!!!
Good night!

Bunny said...

Hello Margie,

Thanks for visiting me today. I realize that Ireland doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, but you've never tasted pumpkin pie? You don't know what you are I don't have a fav recipe as I tend to change it up from year to year, but I like this website for many of my recipes..pumpkin pie and more

Your denim accessories are very creative and fresh and I love your bathroom. Gonna check out your other at ya later!


Lilla Provence said...

Hi Margie
So nice you made on the blog.
While pillows are fantastic.
Thank you so much have me on your christmasblogg.

have a nice weekend
Many hugs From Sari

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Margie,

What lovely makes you have there. And made out from something unwanted too. It is always a good feeling that.

Your bathroom looks lovely, I love the airing cupboard, its very pretty.

And thank you so much for your lovely and kind words on my blog, they are very much appreciated.

I will be checking out your christmas blog too!

Take care.


Coastal Sisters said...

Margie, this is such a warm and cozy bathroom. I love the little heart and new cushions.

Thank you so much for popping by this morning and for the well wishes for the Commander's homecoming today. I will hug him tighter than I ever have.


bad penny said...

looks lovely ! Our whole house needs decorating !!!

thanks for popping by always nice to see new visitors xx

Cait O'Connor said...

I have little hearts on some of my doors too but not made by me,I am not talented like you I am afraid.

Ana Salomé said...

I love your bathroom :) It's one of the lovelyest bathrooms I ever been to...

marypoppins said...

bellissimo il tuo bagno!!

scrappy jen d said...

Dear Margie,
How wonderful everything looks!
Very, very nice!
Good JOB!
Bye, Jen.

Julie M said...

Hi Margie - love your bathroom - the colour scheme is so restful and "beachy"!! And your little denim heart is so pretty - great idea.

Julie x

cupotea said...

It looks lovely, I really like the cushions x

Anonymous said...

Lovely color and beautiful job ! I love your bathroom Margie ! Lovely end of weekend :) Hugs xo

Anonymous said...

What am interesting bathroom do-over!! I love the blues & the little touches.....
What a beautiful blog you have!!

LYKKEBO said...

Thanks for visiting my blog:)
Your bathroom looks lovely!
Love the colour scheme..
I will be checking out your christmas blog too!

Have a nice day!

Elly said...

I think your bathroom looks great!!! No painting at all! You made a few lovely decorations from the old denim shirt, great idea! Your bathroom looks like a real relaxing and peaceful place to be.
Hugs, Elly

Anonymous said...

Oh this is darling Margie, I just adore the new look you created and SO much easier than taping, moving, covering, and then painting everything, ugh! ;-) Perfect choice!♥

vicki archer said...

That is a clever idea with the denim fabric Margie...the chair looks sweet and the area very warm and welcoming in that pretty shade of blue, xv.