Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Lady Purple, my niece, pictured above as Luna Lovegood (with Mr.Margie as he who can not be named, and yes he did shave his head) recently turned 21 years old and hosted a birthday party with her brother

Cole, my nephew, from Penman and Paperboy (the taller one, Sirius Black) who was 20 a few days later. The party was a Harry Potter theme, (Sam with Cole was Remus Lupin).

The party took place at their family home (a perfect setting for such a theme), a peek in the bathroom,

A stroll down the hall,

The kitchen with wonderful black stove heating the house

skull shaped shelf holders above the fireplace, all adding to the mystery and magic.

My sister Neady was Professor Trelawney and she won first prize for her costume (well deserved),

I think Cole looked very Johnny Depp (pictured with his brother Fionn).

Leiny, my daughter, was Hermione Granger (left), Fay was a student, with Duane (Leiny's boyfriend) as Cedric Diggery (but more like Harry Potter).

Mel, my daughter, was a surprise visitor as Fleur Delacour (in blue) and her friend Sandy as Rita Skeeter.

Happy Halloween everyone and do drop by my new blog Christmas Time Magic (Thanks to Leiny for helping me set it up).




Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What a FABULOUS party!!! The house decor is wonderful, and the costumes are fantastic! Yes, your sister did indeed deserve the prize! =) I'm off to see your new blog!

Coastal Sisters said...

How wonderful this party was! I love all the decor in the home :)

Happy Halloween my lovely friend! I am off to read your new Blog!


Vicki Lane said...

That looks like a wonderful party -- and a wonderful place to hold it!

What a joy Harry Potter has been for so many of us of all ages!

Happy Halloween!

marypoppins said...

what a fabulous party!!!
Buona Domenica

Deborah said...

What a fun party theme!! The costumes are great, and the house was an amazing setting for the party. It would have been fun to stay a few extra days in Ireland to celebrate Halloween.

Ana Salomé said...

Loved the pictures and costumes! It must have been a fun party :) Love, Ana

Mia said...

Happy Halloween, indeed! And what a party you seem to have had. In fact, I understand that Halloween originates from Ireland, even though the Americans seem to have made it their celebration. I still have fond memories of my first Halloween ever in San Francisco two years ago... spooky stuff indeed!

How lucky you are to live so close to the beautiful Wicklow Mountains. I was deeply fascinated by the landscape, beauty and charm of the place. And do indeed long to return. I shall let you know next time I come the the Emerald Isle, and maybe we can meet.

Les Cotrions said...

Waw Margie! You had a great Halloween party! Wonderful photos and you have a marvellous family! In Italy Halloween is an imported tradition and something for kids, but I like to see how you celebrate it! I visited your new blog! I'm looking forward to see your Xmas decorations and projects!
Happy new week my friend!

Lilla Provence said...

Hello Margie

I can see that you had a wonderful party:)
I love all the costumes:)

Have a nice week
Hugs Sari

Elly said...

What a great party!!!! Totally in style! Did your hubby really shaved his head??? What a guy!
Harry Potter matches perfect with Halloween. Have a nice week!
Hugs, Elly

Anonymous said...

Hallo Margie,
Gosh, what a fantastic party that must have been...everybody looks so "cool" and then the atmosphere of the house !!!!!!!!
Really great,
Groetjes, Janneke.
PS. now i am going to visit your new blog :) love Christmas as well !

Anonymous said...

It look like a wonderful Party !!! The decor is fabulous !!! Happy Halloween !!!! Hugs xo

Anonymous said...

Oh my word!! Everyone is so perfectly dressed and looks wonderful, what fun!! I'm astounded with what an enchanting and beautiful home your daughter has - it's just incredible!! We certainly don't have homes like these in the US, wow!
Wishing you a beautiful week dear friend - now I'm off to visit your new blog...

Lyckoslanten said...

Nice of you to visit so far from home! ;o) I really hope you will get your own Tilda. I have to come back!
Have a nice week! ♥

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous venue for a Magic Party! Great pics...Pam

Christy said...

I just love the decor in the home! What a great party too!

Lilla Provence said...

Hi Margie,,

Thanks my friend for the lovely gift. I am so happy:)
Hugs Sari

scrappy jen d said...

Hi there,
What a wonderful TIME you all had! Over here in The Netherlands a party like this would be very unknown.....
I just LOVE things like that! I really enjoyed your blog!
Have a wonderful DAY,
Jen from The Netherlands.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Margie,
What a fun Halloween it must have been! The house and the decorations are just perfect! And everyone must have had so much fun making their costumes. Thank you for checking in with me again! And I do hope you get a new computer for Christmas!!

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Lady Purple said...

Hi Margie, lovely photos. We had such a good time, thank you for being there and well done with all the costumes <3
Love Lady Purple