Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ploughing, Morris rally and Henley

While at the National Ploughing Championships recently I spent some time watching the different competitions, the participants are really craftsmen and women. Over 100,000 people visited over the three days and the World Championships will take place on the same site next year.

I went along to have a look at some manual shearing, I love wool and crafting with it, and I wondered what the sheep made of it all.

Last Sunday, the Irish Morris Minor Owners Club (IMMOC) went out for a treasure hunt and we all ended up at the "Annual Castledermot Thrashing and Vintage Show". 100s of classic and vintage cars and tractors lined the field and steam engines fired up in the background sending a billow of coal smoke across the sky.

I bought this old Spartan suitcase at the Henley Car boot sale. I had to fit it inside my own case to take it home on the plane. There are slatted fasteners on front and back that allows the case to expand. I wonder who owned it and where it has travelled.

I knit this little scarf while in Henley and crochet the flowers for the edges, using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran wool.

This was the Dubarry stand at the Henley show (their boots are guaranteed for life).

Next post I will be having a giveaway,

Happy Crafting,




Les Cotrions said...

Hello Margie! Happy to see your post! What a nice fair!!! I like the old suitcase you bought and the scarf you so lovely!!!
Wish you a very nice week end my friend!
Take care!

Vicki Lane said...

I love the Morris lineup! And the suitcase is a beauty.

Anonymous said...

Your scarf is very sweet !!! I want one of those pair of boots :) Have a nice weekend :)

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Ohh lovely photo's you really captured your days out, I felt like I was with you. Lovely suitcase, I wonder who did own it??
Luv Sophie xxx

Coastal Sisters said...

I love the suitcase and that red bench is just wonderful! I could recover that thing and use it in my foyer.

Love you to you sweet friend,

Deborah said...

How fun! We just received our information packet for our trip. I can't wait!
Your photos are wonderful and the fair looked like fun to visit.
Those boots are quite nice and the little scarf with flowers is charming. The sheep looked like it was just going to put up with shearing just long enough for the shearer to finish. Baaa...

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh how I would have loved to attend that vintage car show!

Your scarf is so pretty, Margie!!!

Anonymous said...

You always enjoy the most wonderful and intriguing outings Margie and I adore the thoughts you have, like what the sheep would be thinking - something I would definitely have thought myself.

I know you're still out of a computer but you're doing a wonderful job of keeping us updated on all you've been doing, thank you!

Thank you too for stopping by my blog while you have internet access, I adore hearing from you and look forward to when you can return on a more frequent basis.
Hugs♥ Sharon

Anonymous said...

oHhh. I love the scarf. I am nearly finished mine. That case is amazing. I remember I got a similar one in Germany and use it to store all my papercraft stuff. Great photos, especially the old MOrris Pam

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Margie,
I love the scarf! The flowers are such a perfect touch. The suitcase is just lovely!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Margie! We still have high temperatures and today is a very sunny day! It's a bit strange even for us...usually in October Summer is over, but I'm happy to enjoy these last days of nice weather!
Hope you're ok!
Happy Wednesday!

Lilla Provence said...

Hello Margie,
Im glad that you like my blog:)
and i have added you too on my bloglist.

Lovely photos you show us, i like those with the boots.

Hugs Sari from Luleå

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Margie, So sorry for your computer problems. I almost go ballastic when mine messes up...I am so dependent on it. I love that suitcase you bought. It has so much character. And who knew they had plowing contest? LOL...I will have to tell my Bobby G. about that. Come back when you can for a visit. I blogged all about my trip too. xo Lynn

Vee said...

The show reminds me quite a bit of our county fairs. I'm missing them all again this year. By the time I return to watch the sheep shearing and the tractor pulls and the skillet tosses, I'll be more than ready.

I am sorry that we have been fellow sufferers without our computers/ lap tops. I still don't have mine up and running yet. Thank goodness for a sweet niece who is allowing me to use her amazing lap top. It's the first one that I have actually enjoyed working with.

That scarf is wonderful. I really like the extra crocheted flowers on the edges...a lovely touch.

Take care, Margie, and I'm cheering you on for getting back on line soon.

Leiny said...

Hi Margie, I had to post that photo! You had created a masterpiece.

I'll have the laptop for you to borrow this weekend!

You've had such a busy few weekends by the looks of your post. This weekend, we'll get arty.

See you later,
Love Leiny

marypoppins said...

Margie, thanks to be passed by. I was very pleased
Congratulations for your blog I love the wool Ireland and pottery

ღ Fyra årstider said...

Hello Margie
Thank you for visit my blogg and lovely to visit you.

Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely fair!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh those beautiful cars! I had a 1956 grey split-screen Morris Minor when I was 17 (17 years ago) and it was SO wonderful. I can still remember the smell of the original red leather seats. I really miss that car :(