Monday, April 28, 2008

Leiny went to Berlin

Leiny went to Berlin with Duane and brought me back some really great things. Some Wool, A leak catcher for the tea pot and some really cool Garden lanterns for summer evenings on the deck by the pond. I love the red and white fly agaric fungi image on the little teapot leak catcher and on the packing.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A week of huge changes

My new Landy arrived in the middle of mayhem, something I had been looking forward to suddenly did not matter so much. Marc went in to the hospital for a couple of days, he is home now awaiting surgery if he is a suitable candidate. Someone I was supporting in work for over a year passed away leaving young children behind. A sad and very difficult week both at home and in work.
A book I managed to pick up two weeks ago by my guru... John Seymour, also author of The complete book of self sufficiency and Zorg voor het land.
A very pretty trinket box
The hens are laying eggs everyday. Today I saw the swallows moving in for this year. I am hoping to hear the cuckoo very soon. The dawn chorus is incredible at five thirty these days.