Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shoes and knitting

I started a new project with some blue and some pink and some green and some grey.

I wish I could wear heels confidently and comfortably. I love shoes, especially dune, and irregular choice, but unfortunately my feet are more at home in birkenstock, ecco and clarks shoes.

 The weather has been so wet and windy, it is almost impossible to get out for a cycle. I keep checking outside to see what the sky looks like.

It is mostly various shades of grey, except when lightening flashes during a thunderstorm. I have been making the best of the brighter evenings indoors, drinking tea, and working on craft projects.

Big hugs,


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crafts and Cars

This week my Landy broke down in the centre of town, the clutch went while Edel and I were parked at the traffic lights.I am so grateful to Edel , she stepped out and was in control of the situation in minutes, directing traffic safely around Landy. Within three turns of the light Landy was parked off the road waiting for the recovery truck. Morris has been dusted off, topped up with water and oil, and is now my number one mode of transport. I expect to have Landy back next week.


Last weekend while Mr. Margie and I were at Heywood Gardens, we found this folly on the walk past the orangerie.  The garden was designed by Sir Edwin Luytens and it is assumed that Gertrude Jekyll was the landscaper.  Unfortunately the house burned down in the 1950's but the gardens are currently under restoration.

Last night I completed the 48th rows on the granny square I began last september while in Majorca, and I am considering putting a border on now to complete the project.

Leiny and I started the bank holiday weekend with tea and biscuits by the fire, it seems so odd to have the fire lighting in may.  The weather has been unseasonally cold with temperatures below average, and highter rainfall averages. The forecast for the weekend is no better (much the same as it was at Christmas!). However I plan to read, cycle, craft and create.

Happy weekend.

Big hugs,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New knitting project and inspiration

Inspired by my mum's beautiful wash cloths, I started knitting this hand towel in grey dk cotton.  I put a moss stitch border on with weave stitch main section.

Last sunday, Mr. Margie and I took a stroll in the bluebell woods at Mass Lough in Ballinakill Co. Laois with some friends, the carpet of bluebell leaves were dotted with vivid deep blue flowers. 

On our return home I noticed the wisteria is just about to flower, a more subtle hue than the bluebells, I have been challenged by nature to begin a blue project next.

        Happy May Day

Big hugs,