Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shoes and knitting

I started a new project with some blue and some pink and some green and some grey.

I wish I could wear heels confidently and comfortably. I love shoes, especially dune, and irregular choice, but unfortunately my feet are more at home in birkenstock, ecco and clarks shoes.

 The weather has been so wet and windy, it is almost impossible to get out for a cycle. I keep checking outside to see what the sky looks like.

It is mostly various shades of grey, except when lightening flashes during a thunderstorm. I have been making the best of the brighter evenings indoors, drinking tea, and working on craft projects.

Big hugs,



Vee said...

The rain must end sometime, right? (It hasn't ended here yet either.) Oh I know what you mean about the shoes. I'd love to be able to wear heels, but that ship has sailed, I'm afraid. I did keep a pair of kitten heels in the latest wardrobe cleanse.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

The weather is dismal isn't it. Just when you think it's clearing back it comes. Yesterday I looked out at a torrential downpour and said 'it surely can't rain any harder', so it did! Hope the sun shines on you soon x

Anonymous said...

The wool you are knitting is fabulous! After a lots of rain and wind, we do have a beautiful sky today and it's very hot :)

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

I love those colours in your knitting project pretty!
Lets hope the sun starts shining again soon for us all...
Hope you have a lovely weekend,
Susan x
P.S Thank you for visiting my blog today and your lovely comments!

Edel said...

Such Fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

as i am also more about birkenstock and the same i was recently wondering how the young girls can even think to walk with those fashionable platform shoes. in a few years time the orthopedists will make a fortune!

Vicki Lane said...

A beautiful new project!

No more heels for me -- I wore some to my older son's wedding about ten years ago -- never again.

jenny said...


Longtime lurker and firstime poster! :)

Re: shoes, check out the block heeled Mary-Janes on the Doc Martens website. I have worn Docs fairly exclusively for years and these are the ONLY heels I can manage! LOL!

Jenny x

Anonymous said...

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