Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holiday Time

Having worked full time and completed my HDip during the year, I was so glad when study was over, all assignments complete, and a months leave from work finally came round. In May I went to Dartmoor in the UK with Mel, Chris and Isla, we were joined by Maria, James, Ollie and Charlie.  We stayed Rock Barn in South Taunton, and made some wonderful day trips, when we visited Port Issac,Tintagel, Dartmouth and Brixham and Croyde surfing beach. I enjoyed quality family and friends time together, we ate well, walked, chatted, and the highlight of my day was being woken by Isla each morning.

In June Mr. Margie, Mel, Chris, Leiny, Isla and I had our family holiday together in France, staying at La Yole Camping Lodge, swimming, running, reading, eating great french food, all together in the sunshine.

I got my exam results while I was in France and I obtained an First class Honour, we celebrated visiting Carcassonne and Domaine De Rombeau, I adore being in France, I always feel at home there, and it was all the more special when my loved ones are there with me.

Big hugs,



Deborah said...

It is wonderful to see your smiling face with your girls! Congratulations on your accomplishments.

((Hugs)) from across the ocean.


Julie M said...

Well done, Margie - I'm delighted to read about your results. And you look so relaxed in those pics, especially in the first one - love your cheerful yellow dress too.

Julie xx