Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crafts and Cars

This week my Landy broke down in the centre of town, the clutch went while Edel and I were parked at the traffic lights.I am so grateful to Edel , she stepped out and was in control of the situation in minutes, directing traffic safely around Landy. Within three turns of the light Landy was parked off the road waiting for the recovery truck. Morris has been dusted off, topped up with water and oil, and is now my number one mode of transport. I expect to have Landy back next week.


Last weekend while Mr. Margie and I were at Heywood Gardens, we found this folly on the walk past the orangerie.  The garden was designed by Sir Edwin Luytens and it is assumed that Gertrude Jekyll was the landscaper.  Unfortunately the house burned down in the 1950's but the gardens are currently under restoration.

Last night I completed the 48th rows on the granny square I began last september while in Majorca, and I am considering putting a border on now to complete the project.

Leiny and I started the bank holiday weekend with tea and biscuits by the fire, it seems so odd to have the fire lighting in may.  The weather has been unseasonally cold with temperatures below average, and highter rainfall averages. The forecast for the weekend is no better (much the same as it was at Christmas!). However I plan to read, cycle, craft and create.

Happy weekend.

Big hugs,


Paula said...

It really has been a very odd time weather wise. And does still feel very much like winter. Big sigh am itching to carry on sorting out our garden.

Aren't cars a pain! We have had some repair work done on ours recently.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, that crochet blanket is just lovely, love the colours in it.

P x

Deborah said...

Tea by the fire is a lovely idea! I can imagine how beautiful and lush the landscape looks. I like the photo of you in the pink coat!

Vee said...

Oh April, and so far May, have been nasty. I hate to tell you this because if this weather is coming toward you, you'll not like it much. Let's pray that it takes a wide swing.

Love that giant granny square afghan. The colors are so bright that you're giving me ideas all over the place. I like my brownish one, but it's not so cheerful as yours.

A happy weekend to least, you know how to handle a cold day well.

BadPenny said...

Lovely warm blankets are just the job at the moment ! I use an old fleece one I've had since the kids were young if one of the cats hasn't hogged it first!
Hope Landy up & running soon x

Vicki Lane said...

Love the photo of you two in the folly!

Vicki Lane said...

Love the photo of you two in the folly!

my4lilgirls said...

The weather is unreal at the mo, April & May are usually so nice, ah well we'll just have to keep making grannies :) & lots of them.
Love yours, its a beaut!!!
Lol Karen x

Plumrose Lane said...

I simply adore having a view into your world ~ it feels like such a tranquil place to live or visit, even when calamity strikes like breakdowns. Here's wishing your Landy a speedy recovery!

Edel said...

Hi, hope Landy is mending and looking forward to seeing Maurice this week!!
the blanket is just devine, love my lavender candle, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

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