Friday, September 26, 2008

Leiny at the Electric Picnic

Leiny went to work with Rommeij at the Electric Picnic. The sun shone and the RoDaLi products were in popular demand. I went to all the fringe events, did not see any acts on the big stage but enjoyed every minute.

Fresh flower wreath for Leiny's hair each day, I got up at seven each morning to pick the flowers from the garden, I chose scented woodbine, anenome and crocosmia, a national newspaper photographer took her photo with Rommeij for the sunday paper. We stitched up the dress in twenty minutes and laced her boots with some satin ribbons.

The shop had a rest area and a play area and Lein did face painting. Fun....and Family time.

RoDaLi's clothes in many colours and with a design for each of the girls in our family, Rainbow is Leiny's, Strawberry is mels and Daisy is for Daisy, Rommeij is the Apple, Muzzy is the Duck....etc...there are ten girls in the family. Rommeij designed them.

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