Monday, July 25, 2011

A week of birthdays

Isla was one last week, her birthday party was special, we were all together as a family.

We had multiple celebrations as next day it was Mr. Margie (Grandad)'s birthday, we drank non-alcohol pimms and cucumber water early in the day.

We had sandwiches, crisps, fruit skewers and vegetables for the dips, the party accessories were from Party Pieces.

The tables were set up in the garden and the sun stayed shining, the atmosphere was relaxed.

We also celebrated my birthday too, eating, chatting, and catching up.

Aunty Lein and Mammy Mel made the cake, muffins and cupcakes, these strawberry and cream muffins were the favourite.

Big hugs,



LuLu Kellogg said...

I can't believe Isla is already one! A very Happy Cake Day to all of you! The food and the tables all looked amazing!


Deborah said...

Happy birthday to little Isla! Mmmmm...everything looks wonderful and food looks tasty!

Vee said...

Happy birthday to Isla and Grandpa, too. What a lovely garden birthday party your family created and enjoyed. Just charming in every way.

Cape Cod Washashore said...

What a cheerful party! And Happy Birthday to all! We just had a birthday party for my BIL this evening... July is a happy month!

We LOVE cucumber water -- I had only learned of it recently and it is delicious!

Julie M said...

What a gorgeous spread - did Isla get her paws on lots of those delicious goodies - happy belated birthday to her, Mr. Margie and to you!

Julie x

Anonymous said...

It seems that Isla had a wonderful Party! All your photos are so beautiful! Already one! I can't believe it!

Happy Birthday to baby Isla!

Big hugs,