Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple Harvest

Apple harvesting is so satisfying, filling the baskets with different varieties of home grown apples.
The apples in the basket on the left are a variety called Discovery, they are an early soft apple, with a slightly acidic taste, they should be treated like a soft fruit. The ones in the basket on the right are the James Grieve variety, these ones store better and in fact taste better a few weeks after harvest.

Big hugs,



Anonymous said...

Oh wow I would love an apple tree in my garden, & a plum tree, a pear tree, in fact lots of fruit in my garden would be awesome!!!!
Those apples look great, haven't heard of those varieties before, not your common supermarket for sure.
Karen Xxxxx

Vee said...

Interesting. I've not heard of either variety. Do you bake with the softer apple. I do know this, I really want a big juicy Macintosh right off quick and, if this rain keeps up, I will have to bake something with apples in it diet or no.

Julie M said...

I love homegrown apples - we have a tiny tree in our tiny back garden which has just plopped about 40 apples on the ground - apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

Your baskets are beautiful with the lovely autumn coloured apples in them - what are you going to make with them all?!!!

Julie x

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love apples...especially the ones here called Golden Delicious. I cut them up and put the sugar free caramel topping on them and it makes a great snack!

Sending Love to you my friend,

vintage girl said...

How wonderful to have such different varieties, I have never heard of either of them but they look delicous! I'm afraid I have only had the pleasure of golden delicious and granny smiths! lisaxx

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful! Our apple trees didn't do much this year alas.

Annie said...

I grew up in a house that was built in an apple orchard ... your picture brought back happy memories :D

Leiny said...

Aw. They look great. I hope some cooking apples will still be left on the trees when I'm back in November. Looking forward to baking apple crumbles. Love Leiny xoxo

Bad Penny said...

This was a big event in the garden where I grew up as we had five apple trees. Dad stored them so carefully.
I have a small tree bearing small fruit but I need to move it & probably will give it away.

Enitram said...

Hello Margie ! I am so glad to see my blog in your favorits !
We have also many apples in Normandie, of course !!!
So long !