Sunday, September 11, 2011

First meetings, reunion and a celebration

Isla meets her cousin Liv who has kindly brought her a gift and even helps to unwrap it.

Nana and Mel share a happy moment while Isla, Lein and I join in.

Lein and I spent some fun time together (Thanks to Guido for the photos).

We spent a wonderful few days in Antwerp.

Big hugs,



Bad Penny said...

Hi Margie
What a wonderful get together.

Been reaading your recent posts & I admire your determination. That tree is fantastic.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Margie,

What a little cuties! So sweet.

I just read your last post too, what a horrible time you have had. Really hope things are on the up for you all now. And wishing you all buckets full of luck.


jackanne said...

Hi Margie, thanks for your posts,it is lovely that your family can have a wonderful happy get together aww the little ones are so cute too...x

Ana Salomé said...

It seems like you all had a great time :) can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Margie so good to have you back, the reunion looks so happy, good times eh!! Thank God for them its what helps us through the hard times. So sorry to read all the difficulties you been through, am praying for better times ahead :D
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog they always cheer me up XXX
Lots of love Karen x

Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, Thanks for visitng me and Charli. It looks like you have had a nice family get together. They are the best aren't they. Happy anniversary! I hope you are having a good week.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I loved seeing your photos...Margie, you are so beautiful! I am off to catch up on your Blog and see what I have missed. I have had a busy summer!!