Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Post chemo travel 3

Town centre in Henley was once again the choice venue for a film set, this time for a German series "Valentine's Kiss". 

A recently vacated shop was set up as a bridal store,  and the locals just went about business as usual while the filming continued. 

The Henley standard carried the whole story on Friday. 

A visit to Greys Court just outside Henley with Mel, Esmé, Yvette, Ellie Skye, Rose and Isaac, was a real treat for Mr Margie and I. Rose entertained us with her Hula Hoop and we dined alfresco on the front lawn. 

After lunch our stroll around the gardens was an absolute delight. 

Roses, lavender, wisteria, 

and a white garden with a beautiful pond were all a gardeners treat.  

In the afternoon a rendezvous with Trish and Bella, and Louise and Amelia by the river and on to the playground was such fun. A special time with good friends and 

sweet, smiling, happy faces all round. 

A visit to Henley is never complete without a drive to Turville, 

a relaxing drink and some storytime under the apple tree 

in the garden of "The Bull and Butcher" 

was followed by a walk through the village and a visit to the church 

and graveyard. 

On Friday Mr Margie and I drive back to Crystal Palace 

and Rommeij and I took the train 

and the tube to visit Lein.

Mr Margie and Rikki worked on Lein's Morris Minor. 

We really enjoyed saturday morning second breakfast with Lein and Duane at Kenwood house in Hampstead Heath, 

and we were happy to spend an hour looking at the paintings, 

some Vermeer, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Turner, Constable and more, 

all bequeathed to the National Trust by the Earl of Iveagh. 

The costumes from the movie "Belle" were on display as the characters in the movie were brought up at Kenwood house. 

Our post chemo travels sadly came to an end, and we had to say goodbye to all our family and friends until we meet again,and take the road trip home. Thank you one and all for such a wonderful trip, I enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to our next adventure.

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️


Mary p said...

family friends sun = great time looking great

Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely joyous post.

Vee said...

Oh I am so happy to just read the word "post." Post Chemo Travels sound happy to me. Are those the grandgirlies? Grown so big so soon? Well, I am off to see what more I can see because it has been too long.