Wednesday, July 30, 2014

50th Birthday Tea Dance Party and celebrations

Mr Margie turned fifty on July 20th and I turned 50 on July 25th. We spent a lovely evening at the Belgian Ambassadors reception on the 18th celebrating Belgian National Day. 

Our nephews Cole and Lir joined us, along with Lir's girlfriend Aoife.

Considering that the last year has been a very difficult one for me and for all the family, I was determined to have a celebration to mark our birthdays. I was watching River Cottage on tv and saw the episode where Hugh attends a tea dance. That gave me the idea for our birthday celebration. 

Leiny came back to Ireland and took the 

Morris up to Dublin for a spin. 

I went to an Auction with my mum to look for birthday gifts for Mr Margie, 

thanks to Noelle for letting me know there was one on last week. I found a lovely vintage child's high chair, address stamps, shelving unit and cuff links for Mr Margie.

Mel, Chris, Isla and Esmé arrived on the Ferry, Rommeij and Rikki flew in and some of Mr Margie's family arrived from Belgium to help us celebrate. 

The garden at Chez Margie was put to good use and many happy hours were spent outdoors.

The tea dance party was at the local church hall in Athy and the dress code was 1930's- 1950's. Mr Margie and I welcomed our guests and they were asked to sign the guest book on arrival.

My cousin Alice had put together a play list of music on her lap top over the previous few weeks, she began the night by kicking off with the Tommy Dorsey Band playing Boogie Woogie. The guests mingled in the dance hall while the Tea room was set up. 

Mel, Lein, my nephews Cole, Lir and son in law Chris, along with cousin Alice and her partner Caroline,

set up the 1930-1950 vignettes, bunting, and stage in the main hall as well as tables and place settings, banner in the hall and more bunting in the tea room, while making up a batch of sandwiches to start the ball rolling for the waitresses.

Alice also brought along home made  Macaroons and a delicious chocolate cake. 

I changed my dress when the tea rooms closed. The guests retired from the tea room, full of sandwiches and cakes, back to the dance hall. 

Cole and Des put on a surprise entertainment old style show, which saw the audience singing along to the old classics such as "daisy, daisy, give me answer do..." and "it's a long way to Tipperary". 

The regailed us with witty stories and jokes as well as a magic trick. 

Then Des introduced the "Andrews sisters" who were Mel, Lein and Rommeij in full uniform, they sang along

to "don't sit under the apple tree" and "oh johnny", 

before joining the guests to dance for the following two hours. 

Both Mr Margie and I were so happy to welcome so many family members and 

friends from all across the world to our Tea Dance Party. My mums six sisters joined us.

Ciaran travelled from Canada, and Brooke came from New York. 

Maria and James came over from Ascot and Jess flew in as a surprise from London where she has just finished her training with the Police. 

Anthony came up from Cork.  

We had many apologies from loved ones who could not join us, 

and we appreciate the gifts from everyone near and far. It was the best birthday bash we ever had and a special thank you to everyone who went to the effort to come dressed for the occasion. 
Big hugs, 
 Love Margie ❤️


Paula lalaboo said...

Wow it looked liked the best of times and everyone put in so much effort. Your tea dance looked so much fun lovely that you shared with us such a lovely time.

P x

Mary p said...

o mag looks like all had the ball, so wish i could have being there, next one, pictures are brill they do tell the story
love mary p

Deborah said...

What a wonderful celebration of life! You look wonderful and so happy. Happy belated birday to you and Mr. M.!
☺️X Deborah

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh Margie, thank you SO much for your comment and visit on my blog! I can't tell you what joy it brought me!
What a beautiful celebration, CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to you both!!
So deeply sorry to hear about your diagnosis my dear one ~ be well and know that you are cared about from across the miles!