Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Home, crafting and friendship

Since I returned from my post chemo travels, my energy levels have increased. I have less afternoon resting. 

The garden is providing an abundance of produce and flowers at the moment.  

I have begun walking a couple of times each week with my mum and my friend Clodagh.  

I am enjoying the outdoors, decking out in rain jacket and wellies when required,


most of all I enjoy sitting out in the garden 

at Chez Margie when the sunshines. 

I have been eating well and I only had one bad day in the last week. I am baking and eating cakes, trying out new recipes, no sugar, no dairy, 

no eggs and enjoying meeting family, friends and work colleagues.

Last week I visited my workplace for the first time since I collapsed there last September. My colleagues, manager and the chair person of the board all made me feel so welcome and missed. I chatted with everyone for over two hours and the sunflowers they gave me look splendid on the kitchen table at Chez Margie. 

My dear friend Noelle and I have enjoyed meeting up again, she came to visit last week bringing me some vintage fabrics, a lovely plant, candles and a gorgeous basket. 

I was so pleased as i had cleaned up the 

studio and set up my sewing machine for the first time since last summer. 

I visited Noelle yesterday, bringing her a gift of a bag I had made from the fabric she brought me. It was so good to chat, eat chocolate (85% cocoa) and fruit, we got no sewing done. 

My nephew Lir has been helping out around the house and garden doing chores and painting, it's great to have an extra set of hands around, he is also good fun to be with. Both he and Mr Margie enjoy my home cooked meals and used the bistro table to watch the soccer during dinner. 

Mr Margie is working on a garden house, which will catch the sun for most of the afternoon and evening. I am looking forward to decorating it. 

My friends Alex, Maggie and their daughter Megan visited today and after lunch al fresco 

we did some sewing together, Megan and Maggie gave their new Ikea sewing machine a good first outing, 

and Megan was so pleased to take home her completed owl. 

I really enjoyed spending time with them all. 

Big hugs 
Margie ❤️


Julie M said...

Hello Margie my dear - have loved reading about your post-chemo travels - lovely places, people and pictures. Welcome home!

Julie x

Deborah said...

Oh so wonderful to see you looking happy, Margie. The owl project is very cute. I hope you break out the wheel on a lovely day and give it a spin!

Mary p said...

best picture look so happy

Eliane Zimmermann said...

so good to see you well and happy and content! i am on a transition from vegetarian to vegan and would love to prepare such a lovely chocolate cake, you picture of it is mouthwatering...

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

How lovely to read your post today Margie and see all your wonderful progress!
Your chocolate cake looks delicious and how good too to see your studio back in action x
Hope you have a great new week,
Susan x