Monday, February 3, 2014

14 days after surgery

It has been a difficult time for me. I was discharged from hospital on Wednesday and spent three days feeling broken, loosing weight, no apetite and not caring if I lived or died. I was in pain and loosing my fighting spirit. Thankfully will the love and care of my family and friends I am pulling through. I have begun to eat a bit, that bringing it's challenges too. I spoke to Ming, my friend in Singapore,  who has just beat cancer, and he explained the first month after surgery is very tough. he has set up a website with a friend called You Are Not Alone to support stomach cancer sufferers.  Friends and family kindly send me texts and messages of love to keep me fighting. Others sent gifts and cards to bring me along. I am the lucky recipient of a handmade personalised box and card from my blogging friend Julie M, they are so beautiful. Mel sent me a frame with photos of Isla and Esmé, a friend from Dublin sent me a scarf/shawl and a dear friend from Ascot spoiled me with a beautiful CK knitting bag. 

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️


Deborah said...

I do not know what to say, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers Margie. Sending you hugs.
Deborah X

mumasu said...

Hang in there you're doing great :)

Stephanie - My Calico Heart said...

You are an inspiration Margie, to everyone, please take care xxx

Edel said...

Best of luck xx Del