Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid Summer Wedding

The beautiful bride, Domonie, with her maid of honour, and sister, Kayla, outside the church. Domonie made the beautiful waistband for her dress herself, sewing fine beads, jewels and pearls on to a velvet ribbon.

I wore a powder blue "Regine" dress and coat, with a Condici hat (in the church), I spent some time chatting with Georgia and Chelsea, two London girls, cousins of the bride, who are magnificant musicians and singers.

Ciaran and Domonie, Mr and Mrs, after the ceremony.

Domonie, changed her outfit after dinner and danced all evening in this stunning gown.

Mr. Margie and I had a wonderful time at the wedding chatting and dancing (my feet never left the dance floor) with family, friends and guests. We hope Domonie and Ciaran have a fabulous life together.

Big hugs,



Deborah said...

Beautiful clothing and it sounded like a very fun event!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Wow what a stunning bride!

Good luck and congratulations to them both.


Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Such a beautiful bride....thank you for sharing this special day your look beautiful too my friend!
Susan x

Vee said...

Gorgeous bride! Some events are so happy that we float along for days for just having attended. It looks as if this was just the sort. You look lovely in that dress!

Vicki Lane said...

Both the wedding and the barbecue look like fine events. And what a stunning bride! I loved your dress too!

Sabina said...

how lovely!