Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flowers in bloom

Poppies, geraniums, and peonies are abundant under the curly hazel tree and the magnolia.

Further down the garden near the hen house, at the walnut tree, the lilies and perennial cornflower are thriving, and so too are the weeds.

A single peony flower fills the room with scent.

Summer is here althought the temperatures have dropped considerably.

Big hugs,



Mummy Boo Bear said...

Such pretty flowers!

Its not much fun weather wise here in the s/w of England. It seems to of been windy or raining or both since the end of April! Where is the sun?

Enjoy your gorgeous garden when you can.


Vee said...

The weather there is as unpredictable as here. Hot one day, unseasonably cool the next. Guess it's the "new" normal. I can't tell weeds from flowers so it all looks lush and green and pretty to me. I just found my first blooming peony this morning. There's nothing like that wonderful scent.

Deborah said...

Lovely! Thankfully our weather is cooler today--yesterday it was over 100 degrees, which is unusual. It felt like a "nice" day in Phoenix. Thankfully it will be a high of 80 today!

Your flowers are beautiful. I love the poppies. It is good to hear from you again! You must be very busy.

Have a lovely week.

Julie M said...

Those orange poppies are gorgeous, Margie. Lovely lush garden. The weather has been a bit vile of late, hasn't it - I've got a pic on my blog taken on the one occasion today when the sun came out!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers! I wish you a happy Summer! xo

Jilly said...

These all are looks and sounds so wonderful. What a pretty bunch of flowers you shared with us. Your potted plants also are gorgeous, I have never had success with container growing.
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