Tuesday, February 1, 2011

La Fheile Bhride

Happy St. Brigid's Day to everyone, we are again celebrating the feast of Imbolc, a very special day in the Irish calender, and indeed in County Kildare where St. Brigid lived. There are many events planned to commemorate and celebrate over the next few days, click here and see what Feile Bride 2011 have planned.

Imbolc means,“in the belly” (of the Mother), this was the time to celebrate the stirrings of spring, the sprouting of seeds in the womb of Mother Earth. this day belonged to Brigit, the Goddess of Fire, and patroness of smith-craft, poetry and healing (especially midwifery). There are several ways of spelling Brigit, (Bridget, Bridgit, Bríd or Bride) who is associated with Holy Wells, so, as well as lighting candles and bonfires, there is a tradition of trying strips of cloth on bushes beside the wells.

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Vee said...

Well now this is all new to me so I'll follow your link and learn more. I take it that it's a good and fun time.

Vicki Lane said...

A blessed Brigid's Day to you!

Helena, The Swenglish Home said...

Dear Margie,

The blog universe is an amazing place and I learn something new every day! This, for instance, this is all new - and very interesting - to me!

I am here to catch up a little on what I have missed, and I see I have missed quite a lot. What a gorgeous, gorgeous family photo around the New Year, and so precious to have so many generations there together!

Congratulations to the graduate in the family and best of luck for her "new life".

The yummy cakes and bread literally "made my tummy rumble", so I steered my eyes away from those and focused on the knitting heritage instead. I smiled there too, as I too, learned to knit and crochet very young from my mother and grandmother and have always been happy about that.

Wishing you a lovely 2011, with many special moments and crafty inspiration!