Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter warming

Winter is here, freezing nights and cool days. Nothing for it but put the feet up in front of the stove with a glass of mulled wine (for those who abstain there are some alcohol free bottles in the cupboard) and some speculoos. Lovely way to end a busy day. How do you like to relax after a chilly busy day?

Big hugs,



Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Speculas!!! Do you know, we always do a big Christmas order of European holiday goods for our family's shop, and many of our Speculas were backordered this time! What horrors! lol But we've plenty of stollen and lebkuchen and Mozart chocolates while we wait. ;)

Helena said...

Oh, I think you are the third blog I visit this evening where mulled wine has been mentioned... and it sounds like just the thing on a cold night like tonight! Last time I went to IKEA, I was hoping to stock up on my favourite Swedish brand, but they were out of stock...

Turville looks like a lovely place to visit and I can imagine walking around there one almost feels like peering around each corner, half expecting to see a certain Barnaby or so...?

Thank you SO much for all your kind words on my blog - you are so kind.

Warm regards,
Helena, The Swenglish Home

Deborah said...

We've had warm weather, but that's about to change later this week. I think some mulled wine would be good. I love those cookies, too.

I like to sit by the fire with some knitting and a cup of cocoa and a couple of Digestive biscuits.

Fred said...

Oooo if you mentioned you had that when I was in Dublin last week I'd have moved in :-D

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hello Margie!
It's so good to see you again! I hope you have been well. Taking a quick spin through your blog, I see that you have been very busy (belated congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful grand-daughter!)

We have moved to Maine since you and I visited last and it gets really cold here! Honestly, as much as we love a cup of hot tea, when it gets cold, we just make a big pot of chili and eat it with cheese and sour cream! That seems to be our favorite way to keep away the chill!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog again (I'm so glad you recognized the song! It is beautiful, isn't it?)

Wishing you a wonderful day,


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hey Margie,

Yes its got chillier here for sure in the South West of England.

Yes a hot drink depending on mood would be a good cuppa or maybe a mulled wine! feet up with something good on the box to watch and most definately crochet in hand!

Hope you stay warm! Oh and those biscuits sound very yummy!


Pierelantijntjes said...

Hello Margie,
Thank you for your comment on my blog. It's so great to meet you here. I see you make wonderful things. I wish I could knit, but I only can knit very simple things, but I hope I will learn it well one day. I wish you luck with your online shop. I hope I have one to one day. The baskets are beautiful to. I think making and crafting things yourself is the most wonderful thing to do. It realy makes me happy.
Hugs from a cold and stormy Holland.