Saturday, November 27, 2010


We woke up to a winter wonderland at Chez Margie this morning. I love my Land Rover Defender 90, and when it snows I know that I can still drive where I have to.

A snow shovel (and a picnic hamper with a flask, torch, sandwiches, and a rug) and I am ready to take the Landy out and about.

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Big hugs,



Julie M said...

You're a lot better prepared than I am, Margie!!! Still, me and my little Mini managed to make it from home to Santry today for a crafting session with some pals!!!

Julie xx

Vee said...

No plows? I don't know how you do it, but the Rover and the picnic hamper sound like good ideas. Enjoy the snow and then may it be gone until you want it again.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Certainly a fun way to travel in the snow! As we say over here, I love your "wheels"! ;)

paru's_circle said...

thanks for the favourable comments on my cross stitch xmas card (cape cod blog).. love your blog, photos, and the snow!

bad penny said...

You look very prepared & safe. We only had a few days of snow last year but took the kids sledging & as we have a truck ended up towing smaller cars when they got stuck !

Elly-My Everyday Things said...

Wish I had a car like that! Oww... it's sóóó freezing cold overhere.... I like snow, but that sharp wind ... No snow today, but the weatherman told us we'll get snow tomorrow. Well... we'll see!
Have a lovely week!
Hugs, Elly

Helena said...

Dear Margie,
That certainly lools like a much safer friend to take for a drive than our car... and I confess I miss my Swedish winter tyres now!

Thank you so much for your very kind words of encouragement about my little "project" - you are so kind!

Warm regards,
Helena, The Swenglish Home

Nancy Lee said...

Hi Margie!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I really enjoy "visiting" with you and yours. Leiny needs packing snow for a snowman. In my part of Canada (southern Ontario) we get a good amount of it. It is hard to shovel, but fun to play in. It will pack when it warms up a bit...
If you spray the snow with a light spray of water, it will pack up nicely. We have been known to use a spray bottle of water to get snow people parts to stick together. If you tint the water with red food colouring, your snow person can have rosy red cheeks a la Tilda!
On another note, I love Ilsa's lovely new doll pram. Beautiful job! Stay warm and drive safely.