Monday, July 13, 2009

Margie and Mr Margie Saturdays

The last few Saturdays have been Margie and Mr. Margie Saturdays, one of the days we loaded up the Morris with a picnic basket, a Cath Kidston throw and set off to County Wicklow, driving through the mountains

and ended up at the lakes in Valleymount, with a fine appetite for our salad, bread, cheese and fruit.

The next one we drove to visit friends in County Carlow, whom we had not seen for some time, we walked up the rocky hill at the back of their house and gathered froccans

before walking back along Shannon's Lane, sharing stories and news and promising to see one another before too long.

The lovely foxglove was growing among the ferns all along the roadside, in the mountains and the hills.

Who knows where Margie and Mr. Margie Saturday will bring us next time.




Vee said...

Beautiful photography, Margie! My favorite photo is of Shannon's Lane because it opens up to that lovely scene and beyond...I'm a sucker for having a lovely home framed. Now I must go find out about whatever it was that you were collecting for your link didn't tell me a thing or did it?

Beautiful new header, too!!

Vee said...

Terrific! Google brought me right back here and then I had to do a thorough read to find it on the link you provided, which was third on the list. At least I am no longer curious! :D

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Margie! What wonderful Saturdays with Mr. Margie you spent! The landscapes you show are just fabolous and your picnic menù...delicious! I'm looking forward to see where you'll go on the next Saturday!!!
Have a nice week!

Leiny said...

Hi Margie,

The photos look great. I'm starting on the baking, should have something nice for you when you get home!



vicki archer said...

What a perfect day out Margie - and your photographs are wonderful, xv.

Gingham and Flowers said...

Sound like some lovely Saturday outings. I especially like your choice of rug. Thanks for your comment on my blog and kind words about my work.

Vicki Lane said...

Hi Margie, Thanks for visiting my place. I am enchanted with your pictures of Ireland. I've never been there but hope the day may come.

I used to be a crafter -- quilts, embroidery, decorated gourds, painting -- but now that I'm a crime fiction writer with deadlines always looming, my crafting time is minimal.

I'll enjoy Ireland, for now, through your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Margie, what a beautiful country you and Mr. Margie live in! One day we'll make it there - here's hoping!

I also wanted to let you know I've left an award for you on my blog♥

Deborah said...

Lovely countryside and your photos do the landscape justice. Thank you for a day-brightner!

Lien said...

Looks like a great saturday!! Hope you will have much more

Lady Purple said...

The weather looks great and so does the scenery! Love the Cath Kidston in Morris too!
Be seeing you soon Margie!

Anonymous said...

I love that Morris !!! Olala Beautiful landscapes !!! Your picnic sounds lovely ! Thank you for sharing :) Have a wonderful week Margie ! Belle semaine ! xo

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh how lovely!!!!!

I also love your new banner and background :)


Elly said...

What a lovely Saturday! Beautiful landscape, thank you for sharing these special moments! Oh... and the blanket is gorgeous!!!!! said...

G'day Margie!

wow you can only imagine how homesick this post made me!! love the photos oh and sigh the landscapes, I miss those a whole whole lot

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Gathering froccans??? Your weekends sound like heaven on earth. I wish my Bobby G. liked to drive with no where in mind except to see the scenery. He's the type to want to get on the super highways to get LOL...Guess that's why I am giving him a race car ride for our lane stuff.. Hi Margie. Hope you have a sweet sweet weekend. xo Lynn

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhhhhhh....The landscapes & Morris!!

Agneta från Sweden

Deborah said...

Hello! My package arrived yesterday and I am so excited! Thank you for the Cath Kidston bag and the three skeins of yarn! One can never have too many bags, and this one is perfect! I love the star print. I'm thinking something with luscious cables for the yarn. Your sentiments in the card are so sweet. I really enjoy your friendship even though we're far away. Thank you so much, Margie! ((hugs)) right back to you!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful day out! Nothing beats a drive in the countryside with good food and good company, hope there are many more trips like this to come.

Lulu said...

what a beautiful place