Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whats's in the bag challenge and two more awards

Jacoline (Lien) at Lovely Living set me a challenge when she wondered what was in my bag, her own pretty bag was full of practical and special items. I have to admit to being bag obsessed (a true bag lady). All my family and friends give me bags as gifts. I collect all types of bags, I can never have enough bags and sometimes I make bags. This is my new Cath Kidston bag, a Christmas gift from Mel (my daughter) at Mel's Living.

Inside my new bag is my old Irish handmade handbag (yes a bag in a bag), my purse (purchased in Boston), Burts Bees lip salve, two packs of Cath Kidston tissues, sunglasses, tin of mints, work keys with memory stick, my Land Rover keys, mobile phone, two pens, Ulster Weavers shopping bag, which Lein (my daughter) at Just a Minute gave me as a gift this summer (another bag in a bag), umberella, wool gloves and Cath Kidston passport wallet.

In passing on the challenge I am curious to know what Vicki at French Essence has in her bag, I wonder if she would like to show us.

I am also the proud recipient of yet two more Awards in the last few weeks, Sharon (Thank you very much) at Manamoon gave me a very special award "The Spreader of Love Award" I am delighted to receive it. Sharon and her husband work together to create exquisite jewellery. Very special, modern and classy pieces. Visit her blog and her new website where you can see what I mean.

I truly believe that love is at the core of our beings, and that a little time spent sharing love or sending love is time very well spent indeed. I would like to award Beachy at the Whispering Poppies with it as she hosted a wonderful Home Sweet Home Holiday Blog Party and Giveaway last friday, complete with music, stories, memories and inspiration, a great recipe for spreading love in my book. Thank you very much Beachy.

I also received a "Wow I love your blog" award from Veronica (Thank you very much) at Ulliga Gulliga Saker I am pleased to accept this award. Veronica's blog is full of her felt work,knitting,ideas and creativity which are amazing. Call by her blog,and you are sure to be inspired, her work is inspiring.

Everyone on my blog roll can consider themselves awarded this one, as I love all of your blogs.

I received the Kreativ Blogger Award a few weeks ago and awarded it to bloggers who were working hard at Christmas Fairs. I have two more recipients for this award. Lein at Just A Minute, who had a sale at College and Vale at Les Cotrions who had a get together and sale with some of her friends.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Brave gal to share what's "in the bag." I'm sure that I would not like to do this one. :D

Your new Cath Kidson bag is terrific. Wish that we had such things in my corner.

vicki archer said...

Margie, What fun!
I shall tip my bag upside down and reveal it's horrible contents for you in the very near future, xv.

vicki archer said...

Your bag is beautiful and very tidy Margie, I might have to clean mine out before I show and tell!! xv

Les Cotrions said...

Hello my friend! Thank you so much for the award! It makes me very happy!!!
Your bag is lovely!
Thank you again!
Have a nice evening!

The Whispering Poppies said...

Congratulations on your awards, Margie, and I thank you, too, for the honor you've given me!

I love your bag... in a bag... in a bag (you're just like me)! =)

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Great to see what's in your bag. There is always more than you tought.Thanks for showing us And thanks for the award!!

Anonymous said...

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Deborah said...

Oh my, my bag/s are full of all kinds of things! You look very organized! Congrats on your awards. Nice polka dots.

Fyra årstider ♥ My Lovely Christmas Home said...

Lovely bag. I like the big one that you can put alot of things in.
Sorry my english is so bad...
Hug Lotta

Anonymous said...

Beautiful posting Margie and you're so deserving of these awards. I couldn't agree with you more about love!♥

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Margie :)

I am so glad you found me through my sweet friend Sharon at Manamoon. I appreciate you fluttering by to visit and please come back again soon and I will do the same. I LOVE your new Cath Kidston bag! Fabulous!

Happy Holidays,

lisette said...

I had to laugh and gniffel about having two bags in a bag.. Great!! I get the obsession with bags. I have that too. Probably we're not the woman who have the shoe thing but we have switched to a love for bags.
Congratulations on your awards!

Sabina said...

Ok, finally someone who has as much in her bag as I do!!

Great post - great photos - loved it all!!

Happy Holidays Margie!!

Elly said...

Beautiful bag!!! Love all the Cath stuff! Congrats on your awards, you deserved them!

Annie Wicking said...

A bag within a bag? Whatever next!
For me, a bag for my computer is the only one for

I have a small shoulder bag for going out the rest of the time its a bag to carry around my on-going writing folder for work. So I can edit my writing in my lunch and tea breaks.

Best wishes,

Annie Wicking said...

Well done for all your lovely awards my dear friend...;-)

Best wishes always,