Monday, December 29, 2008

21st Wedding Anniversary and Christmas Spirit Award

This day 21 years ago Mr Margie and I got married in Antwerp. It was a chilly morning and about twenty five of our family and friends were there to witness the occassion. Mr Margie swept his hair back in a pony tail, wore his grandfathers coat with white shoes and I wore a floral dress purchased the day before, I was seven months pregnant on Leiny. Mel wore an Oilily dungarees, handknitted jumper (I finished it the week before) and stole the show with her blond hair, blue eyes and cute smile.

I woke up this morning to discover that I have been awarded the Christmas Spirit Award by Sharon at ManaMoon. I am honoured Sharon to be included in your recipient list. Thank you very much.

Well I have to let you know that this time last week I was a right Grinch, did not feel a bit like celebrating the festive season, was even considering cancelling it. I have Leiny and Mr Margie and all of you in blogland to thank for putting the Christmas spirit back in Margie.

In accepting the Award I have to give five reasons why I love Christmas

Giving and receiving gifts especially handmade ones (anything handknit, vintage or bags)

Friends and family being together and eating together

Holiday food (mince pies, chai and bread stuffing)

Home time decorating, crafting, bloging, wood fires

Santa (who was out in force yesterday at the first Santa Tractor run in aid of a local hospital)

Now to choose who to pass this on to before the twelve days of Christmas are over,

I want to award to you who have inspired me to celebrate this festive season

Veronica at Ulliga Gulliga Saker whose felt work and knitting keep me inspired
Deborah at My Moms Work who has a wonderful devotion to knitting and crafts and who knows the value of family time
Karen at a Scrapbook of Inspiration
for her art, books, devotion,inspiration, bringing people together and reminding us about Pink saturdays.
Louise at The Whispering Poppies for the most beautiful jewellery and photos
Lotta at My Lovely Four Seasons (once My Lovely Christmas Home)who inspires and creates daily and maybe even hourly
Stephanie at My Calico Heart a crafter extraordinare
Elly at My Everyday Things I want to live in her sisters shop and on her blog
Annie at Every New Writers Journey who created beautiful dragons for the first novel writers
Lulu at Coastal Sisters for exciting ideas and great music
Vale at Les Cotrions art and music inspired postings are fantastic
Michele at Cowboys & Custard for keeping her Christmas spirit alive through the flu (mr c was very entertaining)

Thank you one and all


The Whispering Poppies said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You two are a STUNNING couple! Dare I say that Mr. Margie looks like quite the "hottie"! And you are GORGEOUS (and you don't even look pregnant in those photos... I most often looked like a moose while carrying - lol)! Hubby and I are not far behind you in marriage years... we celebrate 19th in 2009. =)

Thank you again for the sweet award! My cup runneth over with goodness you bestow on me! Have a lovely and joyous New Year 2009!

Les Cotrions said...

Ciao Margie! Thank you so much for your friendship!!! It's very important for me!!! I must learn how the awards system works...I want to give some to friends...
Congratulations for your anniversary!
21's a wonderful goal!!!
I wish you all the best for next year and for the next 100 years!
Lots of hugs!

Les Cotrions said...

I forget...excuse my grammar mistakes! You know?? Italians are not very clever speaking foreign languages!

Sugar Bear said...

Happy anniversary! You are seven months pregnant in those photos?! You can't even tell. Happy New Year!

Deborah said...

Why, thank you Margie! I have felt very festive this year. Our son is doing well his first year in college, we are healthy, and life is good!
Love the photos of you and Mr. Margie. Happy Anniversary! Oh dear...our 33rd is in July! It seems like yesterday and I haven't changed a bit! LOL!
Thank you for the recognition! Have a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Femin Susan said...

Happy anniversary!Love the photos of you and Mr. Margie. Happy Anniversary!Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I just checked all of your blogs and they are great!
Wishing you " A Happy 2009.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Well now every time I visit you, I fall more in love with you, your blog and where you live. You two make a gorgeous couple. Happy Anniversary. Congratulations on your award too, and thank you so much for passing it on to me. My husband and I just celebrated our 21th in September. Thank you again Margie.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ahhh, Christmas is just like this...just when we feel down for the count, it steals in and we're reminded that it's not just a day, but everything we've ever hoped for wrapped in that baby of Bethlehem.

Beautiful wedding photos, too. You were an adorable couple then and I'm just betting that that hasn't changed. I'll hope for an up-to-date photo or go checking the archives.

Sabii Wabii said...

Well HI there Miss Ireland! It's good to see Santa comes to your neck of the woods also...not just the California sun. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and get to knitting on those shrooms!

luthien said...

hello margie :)
just drop by to say thank you for visiting me at pimp & paint :) and thank you for your sweet comment :))))

and wow! also just in time to wish you a "happy anniversary"!!!

i will definitely come back again and visit :) here's to a smashing 2009 :)))) Happy new year and God bless :))))


Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for your award and the reason why you gave it to me.

Best wishes my dear, dear friend,


Fyra årstider ♥ My Lovely Four Seasons said...

I will wish you Happy new year and thanks for the award.

Veronica Tingvall said...

Thank you so much for the award and Happy anniverary!

Those wedding pictures are great, I love them. You both look beautiful, and your little girl, she is just the cutest thing...

I hope you will have a happy, healthy, lovely new year!
Lots of love/ Veronica

Cowboys and Custard said...

Happy post Christmas Margie..
I loved seeing your wedding photos..
they looked so natural and captured your happiness which was evident in your smiles..
I am delighted to have been awarded this award though I do not feel worthy to be honest.. I have been a real baa humbug Grinch myself this Christmas and only had a real fleeting flirtation with the festive spirit..
Thank you though for your very generous award as always..
Have a wonderful New Year full of happiness and promise..
Michele xxx

Coastal Sisters said...

Margie...thank you so much for the Award! You are so sweet! I enjoyed seeing the pictures from your wedding. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Margie and may you have many more wonderful years together.


Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Margie! We celebrated 20 years this year so we are not far behind you! Thank you so much for the award I would love to accept. I hope you and your family have a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.
Stephanie x

sMC said...

congratulations on everything.oh am I that old coming up for 43 in 2009 lol.

Susan said...

Hi Margie,
Happy anniversary! Great pictures.

I saw your Noro sweater and it is wonderful. You have a very fun blog.

best, susan

Carol said...

Happy anniversary and I wish you both the very best for next 21 years.
And, Happy New Year....
Carol xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary !!!
I love your wedding's photos !!!
Congratulations on your Award ! and...
Happy New Year !!!!
Bonne Année !!!!

Veronica Tingvall said...

Dear Margie!
Just wanted to drop in on new years eve and wish you a wonderful 2009....

Lots of love/Veronica

Something White said...

Dear Margie,
to you and your family I also wish all the best for the new year: gelukkig Nieuwjaar! And may it bring lots of happiness for you all!
Funny enough my husband Stanislas wore his hear in a pony tale as well when we got married in 2000. So we still have to go some 13 years to reach 21 years of marriage :D
Many congratulations to you! See you again in 2009, love, Marjolijn

MelMel said...

Thank you so much, lovely to meet you!
Happy New year!!!xxxxx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Margie! I'm a little late on the scene but what a beautiful posting!! First of all, how gorgeous are you both?! Oh my! Just the most handsome couple I've ever scene!!

I loved all of your photos so much and had you in mind when I was passing this lovely award on. Sharing your beautiful home the way you did, all of those gorgeous hand wrapped presents, I just couldn't imagine a better person for this award to be passed on to.

Thank you again for your splendid posting and I'm so delighted you found your spirit again, it's the joy of friendships like yours that brightens my days.

Happy New Year♥

Anonymous said...

PS. That deleted comment above mine was... mine. For some reason it posted it twice.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year. You were 7 months pregnant in that photo? No way! 7 months pregnant I looked like a beached whale. It looked like I was having twins. He turned out to weight almost 10 pounds. Love the pony tail too. I loved having you visit and hope to see you lots. xo Lynn

Elly said...

Ohhh Margie, thank you so much for your award!!! You're a sweetie! I think you've a great Christmas spirit! I want to wish you a happy, healthy, cozy and of course a creative 2009!!!!