Sunday, November 9, 2008

Passion for vintage cloth and embroidery

I love thrift and charity shops and spend hours in them. A few years ago there was a really big one in Carlow. I bought these Crinolene lady embroidery squares from there one afternoon. The shop is no longer in business.

This sampler is so nice and I am not sure if it was made on the date or if it was made afterwards. If it is original then this would be antique. Roxdorf appears in a history of Berlin from that era.

These two pillow covers were from my husbands grandmother, and are so nice to sleep on, I also have the sheets to match. There is nothing quite like laying your head on freshly starched pillow covers.

Another charity store find with these fantastic button covers.

Do you have an interest in or passion for vintage cloth or embroidery?

I would love to hear about it.


Deborah said...

Oh I love vintage fabrics, doilies, handkies (my mom's favorite), and buttons. What wonderful finds!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Margie
It was so kind of you to visit my blog and leave your thoughtful comment today.
I think vintage linen sheets are the ultimate luxury. I was fortunate to inherit some from my Belgian mother. There is no finer feeling than climbing in to bed with fresh clean linen sheets..

Cape Cod Memories said...

What beautiful linens, Margie! I think that the sampler is fabulous! And those pillow linens that have been handed down - wonderful!

The music on my blog is called "Old Cape Cod" by Patti Page. =)

Leiny said...

HI Margie, The photos look great. I'll talk to the girls in college about the right kind of camera for you!

Miss you lots.
Love Leiny

Deborah said...

Hi Margie, I appreciate your kind comments today. I did enjoy a nice, warm fire last night. I'm getting ready to work on St. B. tonight.

Sabina said...

Hi Margie,

I love vintage cloth!! I actually have a collection of old table cloths which I love and use all the time.


Margie said...

Deborah, Michelle, Beachy, Leiny and Sabina thank you all for visiting my blog and leaving your comments about your passion for vintage cloth. Long may it continue. hugs Margie.

Leiny said...

Margie, you should add your new blog as a link from this one!

Elly said...

Owww.... I love almost everything vintage! Especially linens and fabrics although they're hard to find here in the Netherlands! I love your linens! The pillow cases are so romantic!

vicki archer said...

Hello Margie,
Love your post today - I am a passionate collector of vintage french linens. Sheets, pillowcases, hand towels, tablecloths, tea towels ....anything at all that is embroidered. Generally I have collected white/beige linens but recently I have started searching for red and white striped or checked linens. I am making a collection to use on my table at Christmas time. Thank you for your lovely comments on French Essence. xv

Margie said...

Elly and Vicki,thank you both for sharing your passion for vintage cloth here, I really love hearing from everyone. hugs Margie.

Christy said...

yes i do, yes i do! :)