Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Photos

I was inspired by Annie's blog to look at some old photos that belonged to my husband's gran aunt, Melanie. The were given to us eight years ago and came in this lovely wooden box.

The box holds family photos taken in Antwerp from the early 1900's up to the 1970's. Melanie's husband, Oscar, was a photographer, although he did not take all the photos in the box.

Melanie and Oscar had no children but loved their niece and nephew recording their lives in the photos we now have.


vicki archer said...

How wonderful to have such a visual family history and in such good condition. Thank you for stopping by French Essence and so lovely to have found you in Ireland xv.

Annie Wicking said...

How lovely and what a wonderful old box too.

Best wishes,


Jane Smith said...

My word. That's a treasure-trove for a writer. I'm envious!