Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cape Cod Inspiration

Five years ago I went on my fist visit to Cape Cod. Mel and Chris were working at the Chattam Bars Inn and I spent a wonderful ten days there soaking up all the new experineces and being inspired. We visited Nantucket, going from Hyannis port by boat early one morning and spending the day cycling around the island on bikes from Youngs bike shop.

I came home with inspired plans for the new bathroom we were building. The colours are blue and white, lighthouses and wicker furniture feature too.

That was the first of a number of visits to the Cape, I have been there in all seasons now and never fail to be inspired and excited by the landscape and the sea.


Jacoline (Lien) said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It's a;wys nice to hear if other people like your work.
I think you did a great job to. And the sea is the best place ever.

Annie Wicking said...

Wow what a wonderful bathroom! It looks like a great place to unwind after a busy day.

Best wishes,


Fyra årstider ♥ My Lovely Christmas Home said...

Hello Margie
I hope you have a nice day. Here in sweden we have a lovely autum weather.