Monday, June 9, 2008

New Home Project

Leiny designed a Shaker Style Coat Rack and Marc made it for us last week, he cut the timber to size and used the De Walt router and jigsaw to shape them and define the edges. It is nine foot long and has eighteen hooks, six are double hooks. I picked up the pretty brass and ceramic hooks in Woodies store. Then he painted it with Dulux Satinwood. I could not wait to hang up some jackets and put some items on the shelf.

While working in the Garden I came across the bricks we got from a friend a few years ago. She has an eye for old ceramics and stones. I love this old junk yard find that has Athy Brick and Tile Co Ltd on it.

This is really the best time of the year, all the plants and flowers are growing during the almost eighteen hours of daytime, struggling to produce flowers which will in turn become the all important seeds. We can go for an hours walk at nine thirty in the evening. After the long walk this evening, our two black labradors, Mimi and Matilde, sat in the yard as dusk fell.

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Leiny said...

Aw. The dogs look so well behaved! Haha. But its Matilda! It means "strength in battle". The coat rack looks great!