Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Great Day on the Gordon Bennett Rally

Morris brought us cross country to the Heath this morning, we drove in convoy (one hundred and twenty cars, the oldest car was a 1911 Ford Model T) to the Moate of Ardscull and were joined by Lein and Grandad for the rally to Carlow and back to Athy

I stood by an Austin A35 today,and heard a story from my Dad, one which I am familiar with, a month before I was born my Dad was driving one of these, while my Mum heavily pregnant with me was a passenger, they rounded a bend to find some cattle running towards them, they crashed into a field and the car went down a 6 foot drop. I am pleased to be here 44 years later looking at one of those cars

This is a 1966 Land Rover S2, that spent much of its life in South Africa, now living in Laois

We had a pit stop in Kildare Town for photos and viewing

A beautiful 1959 Ford Zephyr

Leiny with the Award winning 1932 Austin 12/6 Saloon

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