Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flowers, baking, knitting and chemotherapy

This round of chemotherapy was difficult at first, I was tired and fatigued, no amount of rest could ease it. In the last five days I have been feeling better, I have some energy and am sleeping well at night.

 Mr Margie continues to work on the garden each evening and at the weekends. Merino cat is always at our feet when we go in the garden, and enjoys every bit of attention we give him. 

He is particularly interested in the fish at the pond and will flit around the edges and run over the bridge chasing flies and bees as well as frogs and birds.

It is a pleasure to walk around the garden each day gathering veg for my meals and admiring Mr Margie's handiwork. 

I also  enjoying collecting cut flowers for the kitchen table. 

I finished knitting the shrug, I was delighted to have enough wool to complete it and love the shades of blues along with the knitted lacy edge. All that's left now if for me to block it and press out the lace edge. 

I had my three month post operative visit with my surgeon last Friday. He was glad to see me looking so well and happy with my eating. I eat six meals each day, starting with porridge and almond milk. 

Second breakfast consists of homemade breakfast banana, blueberry and walnut vegan muffins sweetened with coconut sugar or homemade Chez Margie banana, blueberry and vanilla pancakes. 

Lunch is often a sandwich or bagel of  bean pate or fish with little gem lettuce and fresh radish from the garden. 

Afternoon snacks include fresh fruit and I really enjoy fresh juice and my favourite is carrot and apple.  I often add ginger, celery or melon. For dinner it's either salmon, prawns, fresh sea bass or if I am lucky fresh trout (Mr Margie caught some on Lough Corrib recently) soya mince or other soya products along with fresh garden veg, currently spinach, spring onion, kale,and purple sprouting broccoli. Sweet potatoe, rice, noodles or pasta are all back on my eating list too and I have had oven chips on a number or occasions as advised by my dietician to try keep my weight up. I am currently 38 kilos and hope to gain a couple of kilos. 

I usually have something to eat before bedtime, tapioca made on almond milk,home made fresh juice ice pops, homemade Chez Margie bread with sugarless jam and a special treat of some  85%dark chocolate. 
My surgeon, Professor Ridgeway advised me not to be too hard on myself during the chemotherapy, and not to try too many new food items at the moment. He said that 6-8 weeks after chemo finishes he will challenge me regarding putting on weight. I was so glad he removed the j tube as I have not needed to use it since the surgery and having it flushed twice a week was becoming a bind. I will see him again in three months. I am due to start my final round of chemotherapy for this treatment next Wednesday. 

This afternoon we loaded up the Morris ready for a trip to Ballinakill to the bluebell woods, we did not get too far from the house before the engine stopped. 

Mr Margie made a couple of attempts to restart it before we towed it home. 

We did make it to the woods in Mr Margie's car and were not disappointed with the blooms. Hope your enjoying this bank holiday weekend. 

Big hugs, 
Love Margie ❤️


Paula lalaboo said...

Glad to hear that you are able to try different foods, and that you are recovering well.

I love your Morris Minor it is gorgeous shame it broke down glad you got to the Blundell woods in the end though so pretty.

P x

Leiny said...

You look lovely in the woods. Your diet plan is making me hungry! Great to see the weather changing so you can enjoy the peace of the garden.

Mary p said...

great to see you looking and eating so well love the garden

Deborah said...

You have been busy! good to hear you are eating well. The flowers are lovely and thee woods looks positively magical with the carpet of flowers.
Our trees finally have buds and the grass is brginning to turn green. Yea! Jim is happy to be able to ride the bike again.

((Hugs to you!))

Rosie said...

Oh Margie I love so much your pics and your way of coping with chemo! I enjoyed reading all the list of foods you are eating.
I remember I started regaining weight after a year from my latest chemo, but I'm sure you can do better!
How are you now?
Hugs from Rome.