Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year

Mr Margie and I had a wonderful two weeks with our daughters, granddaughters, son in law, niece and her boyfriend, nephew and my parents over Christmas and New Year. We had great chats and laughs, played games, shared great home cooked vegan food and I was totally spoiled every single day. I was sad saying goodbye. The house seems very quiet. 

I had the chemotherapy pump removed last Tuesday, after three pre op cycles. My surgery date is January 13 th. I am meeting as many family and friends as I can before surgery, as I am not sure yet how long I will be in hospital and I will be having three post op chemotherapy cycles, which more than likely will mean restricted visits again. 

Today I visited my gran aunt Bridie, my Dad's aunt who is 95 years old. She is a nun and has been praying for me everyday, as have so many other family and friends. Although I am not religious, I appreciate all the prayers, holy medals, and relics, I am touched that people think of me so often, and I welcome the positivity and support it really helps me through and keeps me strong and positive.

Love Margie ❤️


Deborah said...

It is good to see your smile and your beautiful family. Your great aunt Bridie sounds like a lovely lady and 95 years young! I think of you often and hop to see your smile again soon. Take care dear Margie!

Deborah X

♥ Mary Janes TEAROOM said...

Happy New Year to you and your family dear Margie...your table looks so wonderfully inviting and your family pics are completely heartwarming....making a special wish for you at the beginning of this new year dear friend,
Susan x

Julie M said...

Hello Margie, I love the pictures of your beautiful cosy home - and all your lovely family in it! Good luck on Monday - I'll be thinking of you.

Julie xoxo