Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter wherever you are in the world. I hope you enjoyed your favourite treats.

Leiny made vanilla cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting. A tasty afternoon tea treat.

Big hugs,



Deborah said...

Lovely! Those cupcakes look delicious. Happy Easter to you, also.

Edel said...

Um Um, happy Easter to you too, I hope you took some time out to enjoy it , Happy Crafting

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Margie!

my4lilgirls said...

Hi there Margie, been missing you in blogland.
Your easter cupcakes look way too good, yum
Karen x

Edel said...

Hi there,
I am so delighted that you are finished your course, Take a bow and enjoy crafting, the assignments are all done, now reap you well earned results and rest. Happy crafting friend xx Del

Anonymous said...

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