Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Crafts and Nursery

The Nursing chair is recovered in Cath Kidston material, with a little heart shaped cushion for extra comfort

I knit some Debbie Bliss fair trade organic eco cotton wash cloths and some women at my work made the pink basket to hold all the little necessaries.

I thought the Bugaboo needed a bit of lace....

Mel's girlfriends brought her this little elephant, among other gifts, at the Baby Shower.

We found this little pony head (it makes horsey sounds) at the local Joules store in Henley.

A bit of history, the Silvercross, a traditonal English and Irish pram much loved by Grannies and those of us (almost Grannies) old enough to remember them.

Another baby quilt work in progress, this one for the car seat.

The cot is ready, cosy and inviting.

The wardrobe full of gifts, family treasures and must haves.

Everything ready and waiting for this little girl, who like her mother and aunty will arrive when she is ready (Mel was 19 days overdue, Leiny was four).
More news when she arrives.
Big Hugs,


Something White said...

Dear Margie,
I´m waiting with you for this little wonder that will come... :)
Anyway she´ll be surrounded with many nice things, made with love!
I´m still quite absent from bloggerland these times, since we´re so busy with the works in and around our house, but all will be ok in the end.
I hope you´re doing well. All the best and a happy Summertime to all of you!
Best regards, love, Marjolijn

PS. I´m wearing that pretty KC-apron you sent me last year every time when cooking... it brings a fresh note into all dust and rubbish here!! :D

Vee said...

The nesting has well begun. Will ever a little girl be better provided for? Everything looks so beautiful. Exciting times...take care, you're all in my thoughts.

Vicki Lane said...

What a welcoming sight! Such a beautiful nursery!

Leiny said...

The quilts are amazing. Well done Margie. Miss you guys, hope to see you soon, Love Leiny

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

I so look forward to hearing your good news! Everything looks so cheerful and sweet! My Mom had nearly the exact carriage for my brother and I when we were babies... my SIL is borrowing it for the newest member of the family right now. ;)

Ana Salomé said...

Oh Margaret...the nursery looks lovely! And all your crafts and attention to detail are just wonderful :) there's so much love in them...
we can't wait to meet the sweet baby girl...but there's no need to rush ;)
Hugs to all of you in waiting
Love, Ana + Thomas + James

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh it's been faaar too long since I last visited and I see life is moving along in your littler nursery of the world. You must be SO excited and I hope all goes very, very well.

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my blog - perhaps one day we'll make an actual visit you across the pond.

Love to all♥♥

Deborah said...

Dear Margie,

The baby's room is lovely and your work is just beautiful!

Lien said...

Just lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie M said...

What a beautiful nursery, Margie - love the CK fabric on the chair and cushion. Best wishes to all - hope the baba doesn't keep you all waiting too long!!

Julie x