Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Baby Crafts

I have been busy creating a cot quilt, bumper and pram quilt, bunting and dolls in ready for the arrival of baby. I love this work and have a wish to do it full time.

I based all the designs on the heart favors I made last year for Mel and Chris's wedding.
Leiny and Rommeij baked 100's of cupcakes and these tiny little cakes for our Easter party.

I am in Henley on Thames helping to get the Nursery ready this week, so more news soon.
Big Hugs,


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

How exciting, Margie! Your creations are so precious! We have a new addition arriving soon as well... my SIL is expecting next month! ;)

Vee said...

That dolly is wonderful! You'd love to do this full time? Perhaps it's time for you to begin work on an Etsy shop. Very exciting times for your family right now, I'm sure.

Les Cotrions said...

Ohh Marge! Your little baby is very happy to have a so talented grandmother! How exciting!!! What you made is simply faboulous!!!
Enjoy this sweet time!

Deborah said...

So exciting, what a lucky little one! The little cakes surely look good.

Lien said...

So lovely and i love the fabrics you used. It is so great. have a great time .

Julie M said...

Gorgeous work, Margie - you must post picture of the nursery when it's finished with all your beautiful things in it.

I look forward to reading about the new arrival soon!

Julie x

Elly said...

Ahhh... your doll looks so beautiful!! Love the CK fabric you're using. The little one is very lucky to have a grandmother like you!
Hugs Elly

Ana Salomé said...

Oh, it's so exciting! I KNOW you're having a great time :)

Say hi to Mel, Chris and the baby ;) See you next week.

PS - I love the fabric and the doll!!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely fabrics and doll!

Lady Purple said...

Love it Margie! Hope you are enjoying your time in Henley, see you soon xxx

marypoppins said...

So lovely lovely!!

Star said...

Now you have me curious. Is this for a friend's baby? The doll is beautiful. Who wouldn't want a doll like that?
Blessings, Star

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful to have a grandbaby on the way. I am knitting for Ireland and there's nothing stirrin'!
I just put them up on Etsy and then start again. Ah well. Enjoy it all..Love Pam

Vicki Lane said...

Love that doll!