Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crafting and creating

This is the item I purchased at the Borris Fair, an old singer sewing machine (I now have two) it is fully intact and functioning,

but does need some tender loving care, it came with an original book, and I purchased a little box of spare parts in addition.

I have always found it difficult to get good wool locally, last week I was thrilled to find this wool, an Eco wool that is 100% undyed virgin wool, at a local store, I love the earthy colours and I managed to find some cute buttons too, heart shaped wooden ones, and flecked ceramic ones.

In the last few weeks there have been four births to friends, some entering the world rather unusually, Sophie was born in the back seat of her parents car at a local petrol station, and has made headlines on a number of newspapers while her Mum, Andrea has been talking about the experience on radio too. There are still two babies due to be born, Ana at Boladeberlin is expecting her first any day now. Leiny and I have been knitting baby gifts each evening trying to keep up with the birth rate. This pattern the Aviatrix Baby Helmet is used by the knitters on Ravelry and Leiny found it on Just Jussi, who has some amazing baby knits. We have four finished in different colours (two without the strap).

Last Sunday, I finally managed to get motivated and make the cushion covers for the living room, I have the fabric for over a year, and just never got the time up until now. The living room now looks like it had a mini makeover.

I made this little gingham cushion for Morris. It looks very cute with the CK throw.

Here is a little update on the granny squares. I am not sure which colour I should use to join them together. Any ideas?

Big Hugs,



Les Cotrions said...

Ciao Margie! Your sewing machine is faboulous! I'm happy to see you are so creative! Very nice projects my friend! I'm not creative in this's so hot here (36°) and I really feel like doing...nothing!
Good work!

Deborah said...

You are busy and productive! Now I feel (some) motivation to use the fabric I bought (cough) a few years ago for my porch cushions.

The little cap is adorable, and those will be some lucky and stylish babies.

Love the yarn and buttons! Now, what will the yarn be when it "grows up?" :)

Vicki Lane said...

Those old Singers are so beautiful ( I have my grandmother's treadle model) and such sturdy workhorses.

Love your fabric for cushions!

Anonymous said...

Hi Margie!
I just love your new sewing machine. I one of those and love it to bits. Your knitting and sewing projects are gorgeoous too. I have made some cushion covers for my son and girlfriend's flat and am knitting my first sock!
Loads of projects needing finishing too. Love your gifts also in your last post. Best wishes Pam

Ana Salomé said...

Oh Margaret...I love the sewing machine, it's just like my grandmother's! I also love all the knitting, sewing & crochet going on at "Chez Margie" :)
I hope to see you soon. X Ana

Babs said...

I don't think I can, it's one we made because we found the ones to buy way too expensive. This is a very cheap solution.

Stephanie said...

I love vintage sewing machines, and the one you just bought is gorgeous. I also love all your crafting, you have been busy. The yarn is beautiful - just wish I could knit!

Anonymous said...

Your Singer is a beautiful one !!! Is it a wooden case ? I have never seen it before > Gorgeous !!!
I love the Aviatrix Baby Helmet !!!
Have a good day :) Hugs

Chris Carolan said...

Hi Margie, i love your's just like the one we had in our house that belongs to my mother-in-law! Happy crafting!

Anonymous said...

Good evening Margie, What beautiful things you have made. I love those little hats and that living room maker over is so pretty. I remember my grandmother had a singer sewing machine just like that. Yours is beautiful. what a wonderful find. I hope you are having a great week ♥

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh my have been busy! I love the cushions! The cap is so sweet!

The old sewing machine looks just like my grandmothers.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Lulu said...

oh lovely sewing machine..
lovely things you are making..
nice yarn also..

Anonymous said...

Gee you've been a busy lady and so much going on around too! The sewing machine is such a find and I prefer to use the old ones rather than the newer computer models too. Your creations are beautiful as always!
Hugs from across the pond♥

Eliane Zimmermann said...

wow, three times wow! we have an stone-old Singer which we only use as a table (I never ever had it opened as I don't know how, there is nothing like a handle or button) but I think I really should. and that eco-wool looks great. we have quite a nice (but very cluttered) yarn shop in Bantry but most is synthetic yarn, not too bad but I love the real stuff. but recently I found yarn of soya-fibers there (soft and fluffy).

Les Cotrions said...

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Sugar Bear said...

Hubby has an old Singer that we have had stored in our basement. Gasp! I know - I need to pull it out and find it a home amongst the regular home goodness.

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Hi Margi!

Oh my, your blog is wonderful! thank you so so much for visiting me and your lovely comment! have been going through your blog, god we have such similar tastes! beautiful pictures, loved looking at them! stay in touch!

hugs mandyxx

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Margie, I love your old machine...I have my Mother-n-laws old singer sewing machine in the treadle box but I use it as a table for my spiffy new machine. If there is ever anything you need that you can't find over there and it's in the states...let me know...I will get it and send. xo

Julie M said...

Hi Margie, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I absolutely love your Morris Minor - I have another old Mini Traveller almost the same colour blue! Have had a look through your blog - love all your crafts and photos of all you do. For joining the granny squares, my first thought was black or for fun, hot pink??

Thanks again - will visit here often!

Julie x

Fyra årstider ღ My Lovely Four Seasons said...

Hello margie
I have education in sewing. Two years a go to school and sewing clothes and now a didnt liket so much. Thanks for you always commnets so lovely words on my blog. Im so bad at english sorry for that.

Les Cotrions said...

Thank you Margie!!! Have a nice Sunday my friend!
Big hugs

cupotea said...

Hello, I've just started following your blog. That sewing machine is beautiful, and I really like your cushions!