Friday, September 8, 2023

Eight Years Later

Whether we’re mothering, gardening, cleaning or meeting up with family and good friends, Margie is always in our thoughts. This year, Margie’s grandchildren met for the first time when Mel and her family came to stay with Leiny and her family. Margie’s niece Romy came over with her family too, and the reunion was filled with some of Margie’s favourites - chippers, croissants, chats, Earl Grey and sea visits. Leiny also spent some time teaching Margie’s granddaughter Esmé how to knit and together they made a little piggy from Margie’s ‘96 copy of Debbie Bliss Toy Knits, while Isla made an Irish-themed friendship bracelet. Mel and her family visited Margie’s dad Joe in Ireland before heading home.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Seven Years Later

Like many other families, Margie’s daughters spent the pandemic apart and were delighted to reunite last year in Kerry. The Irish Trip was the first time Pepijn, Margie’s grandson, met most of his family members. A quick visit to Margie’s oak tree (where her ashes mingle among the roots to sustain the new growth) was one of the highlights of the trip. 

Mel and Leiny out for lunch in Kerry

Enjoying the views of the Irish coast

A visit to Margie’s tree

The little cousins (Margie’s grandnephews and grandnieces and grandson)

We continue to remember Margie in our creativity, our advocacy, our resilience, and our laughs. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Six Years Later

In March 2021, Margie’s words from this blogpost joined other testimonies in a production for The Abbey Theatre Dublin. Home is no longer available to watch online. Read about the report on Mother and Baby Homes in Ireland here. As Margie says in the post she "firmly believed" in personal testimony and we are honoured to have her experience recorded alongside the other contributors.  

Margie's Grandson exploring lavender, one of Margie's favourite plants.
Pepijn is wearing a cardigan from Other Children - Margie's niece Rommeij has an online shop providing beautiful handmade personal knitwear from Ireland. 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Five Years Later

 A year for farewell and welcome. We said goodbye to Margie’s mother Sheila Delaney (née Dowling) in November and celebrated her life with endless pots of tea and family gatherings. 
Sheila and Margie on route to a vintage Steam Rally

Rommeij, Mel, Leiny and the girls at the Rock of Dunamaise 

In early March, just before COVID-19 Lockdown, Leiny travelled back to Ireland and we laid the last of Margie’s ashes under her oak tree. 

Cole, Leiny, Rommeij, Rosh, Daisy and kids with Kim at Margie’s tree. 

On 21st June, Margie’s grandson Pepijn was born in London to her daughter Leiny.

Pepijn wearing a cardigan knitted by his Granny Margie

A letter written by Margie to her sister Tina after the birth of Tina’s first child, Rommeij, almost 32 years ago. It was lovely to read and gain an insight into Margie’s experience of motherhood. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Four Years Later

This year we have partied in true Margie-style.  We've planned, decorated, danced, laughed, remembered and journeyed together. 

Mel and Rommeij in Paris for Rommeij's Hen Party

Homemade Decorations for Rommeij's Irish Hen - Margie's Bunting  and Sinead's Dreamcatchers

Margie and Fionn's photos along with a photo of Rikki's grandparents and the bridesmaids bouquets at Rommeij's Wedding Reception
During the Wedding Ceremony, Rommeij laid her bouquet next to these photos and we all took a moment to remember those who would have been with us to celebrate.

Rommeij and her bridesmaids - Daisy, Lily, Mel and Lein

Cousins from either side of the Atlantic Ocean, together at The Horniman Museum in London
💙💛 Family 💙💛

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Three Years Later

This year, as in other years, we continue to keep all that Margie taught us close to our hearts.

Mel, and a small group of her friends, run the Chester/Derry Chapter of End 68 Hours of Hunger in New Hampshire.  Everyone is a volunteer and all donations go directly to purchasing food to combat Childhood Hunger.

Margie's niece Rommeij is now engaged to Rikki and we are all looking forward to the celebration of  love and family next year.

This year also marks 30 years of life for Leiny and Rommeij and we celebrated in style halfway between the birthdays in June of this year.  With handmade decorations, costumes, good food and great dancing, it was exactly the sort of party Margie would approve of!

Saying goodbye to '20s and Hello to the '30s 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Two years later

Another year has gone by. This year our family celebrated. Sinéad's wedding was full of creativity, individuality, and family.

Margie's sister Sinéad on her wedding day with bouquet by Mel - photo by Melissa Carolan

For Sinéad's something borrowed and blue (and old too!) Leiny and Mel loaned her Margie's turquoise blue ring.